Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Summary

Here's Five good things!

1. This week saw the arrival of a blanket of white snow across the country. I love the snow and the magical feel it brings with it, granted its a nightmare for getting around it but still, theres just a kind of wonderful feeling that the snow brings and I have a lot of love for it.



2. I've been toying with the idea of learning a language, just for fun. It would probably be french, italian or spanish but not sure which one? I've downloaded a few different podcasts as a starting point namely Coffee Break French, Coffee Break Spanish, and My Daily Phrase Italian, any tips would be appreciated!

3. Remember the Zara bag I posted about not long ago? Well I only went and managed to get my hands on one! All will be revealed in due course as soon as the beauty arrives!!


4. There's only 26 days until Christmas! Its my favourite time of year without a shadow of a doubt. I can not wait for the 1st of December to arrive and the tree will be up quicker than you can say Crimbo.

5. I have been hugely inspired by fashion photography blogs over the past few weeks, namely The Cherry Blossom Girl who I can't quite believe I wasn't already following.When I have reached my goal weight I have every intention of venturing outdoors with my tripod and really getting into outfit posts. I will be completely honest in the fact that as I currently am I can not wear the clothes I want to and feel confident in myself. I've always always said I want to be able to fit into proper size 10 skinny jeans, that has never happened to this date, but I have every confidence in the not so distant future that that dream will become a reality :)

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  1. Good luck on your weight-loss project, I'm sure you shall be there in no time! On the languages front...I vote french! But then I study it at uni so I'm biased! xxx

  2. Good luck on the weight loss! You must share how you got the Zara bag I am in love with it as well!

    I was going to use the first picture in my Monday Summary too, how funny that you used it! I love you monday summarys!

  3. Good luck on the weight loss Kelly! What treadmill make have you got? as I'm on a mission to shift the buldge lol and don't know what models to get :-/ xo

  4. You should check out for another great fashion blog. I will check out the one you mentioned.

  5. I know some Spanish but only because we had to pick a language to study! I would love to know how to speak French instead though. I think it's such a lovely sounding language whereas Spanish can sound a bit harsh sometimes. But maybe that's me being picky!
    I love that Christmas song :) Going to get my advent calendar tomorrow! Never too old haha x

  6. Wow! You finally managed to find the bag!! Where did you find it? I've been trying to find one for ages now too :(

  7. I studied French, Spanish and a little Italian at uni so I thought I'd give you my 2p! I'd probably vote Spanish - The grammar is easier to get to grips with as a beginner than French. In fact, our 4th year lecturer told us we'd never really be able to master French grammar! Also, learning Spanish would make picking up Italian a little easier as they're fairly similar in terms of structure and vocab. Although, having said all that, French is still my favourite of all of them...

    That was no help at all, was it?!

  8. such gorgeous pics..I love going on weheartit :) I hate snow 99.9% of the time, ha! Although I DO enjoy it for Christmas time. I love after a big snow storm when it is so quiet and peaceful. I don't know if snow is an insulator of city sounds but it just seems absolutely silent after a big snow. Best of luck on your weight loss! You can do it!


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