Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Summary

Today has been a brilliant week! Here's 5 good things that happened.


1. This saturday I went to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Gemma, and Nicola. It was Nicola's birthday on Sunday so we spent Saturday afternoon shopping and then went for a lovely italian. It was such a fantastic day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also managed to find a pair of Topshop shorts that I've been hunting for forever, they were the last ones and they were my size. It was just meant to be!

2. I'm having a treadmill delivered on Friday, and its a good one too. I'm super excited. Getting to the gym is just becoming impossible, running outside in the dark just isn't safe on my own, and I want to start taking my diet and fitness seriously. Weightwatchers is still going well, although this week we started the new pro points plan and I have struggled to get to grips with it. Everything I knew about points has been literally wiped out and I'm having to learn everything again. I have every faith though that in a couple of weeks I'll have got my head around it and be into the swing of things.

3. I started my Grade 5 Piano Theory this week. To progress to any piano grade past 5 you have to sit a written theory test. I'm working towards Grade 7 Piano Practical, but before I can do the exam I have to have this grade 5 theory under my belt. There are 8 piano grades altogether and thats what I'm working towards. I'm often asked about my Piano playing so now would be a good time to share I suppose. I started playing self taught on an old school Casio keyboard when I was about 9. I used to watch the demo songs on the keyboard screen, slow down the tempo, and copy the notes being played. I did that for years. When I was about 18 I started having lessons with an old lady called Irene, thats when I learned to read music. I eventually changed teachers to the lovely guy I'm with now, Richard. I've been with him for over 3 years now and I've gone from nothing to Grade 7 in that time. I'm hoping to have my grade 8 next year. I have one 30 minute lesson every week, and I play absolutely every type of music you can imagine. I'm a big Jazz fan and spend hours at the piano. I have a very good electric piano which is a fantastic piece of kit for a beginner who isn't sure how serious their playing will get. Ultimately though I will soon be getting a "proper" upright piano, as theres only so long an electric piano will do when you are taking it seriously. If you have any more questions about the piano, ask away I can talk about it all night! Some of my favourite pieces to play are Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, The Heart asks Pleasure First, Claire de Lune,  and everything by Yann Tiersen. I can play all of his pieces from the Amelie Soundtrack, which is also one my favourite films of all time!

4. I found the most amazing hair product this week. Its amazing. I will do a dedicated post about it soon because it is that good!

5. I also found some brilliant blogs this week! I love fashion blogs at the moment, I'll keep sharing the love as I keep finding them!

Five to follow: Roz, Betty, Dajana, Caroline, Jody


  1. I used to play a little bit of piano when I was younger (though I never got as far as doing the 'black keys' haha) and I really wish I'd stuck at it. When I'm older I really want to have a piano in my house! I just think they are so beautiful - to look at and play.

    Can't wait to find out what the hair product is. My hair's a nightmare!

  2. I love the movie Amelie! Gorgeous music, how cool that you can play it :)
    Thanks for the mention darling!!! xoxo Roz

  3. Wow, nothing to Grade 7 in 3 years is quite an achievement! I play the flute, but stopped doing exams after Grade 6 because uni got in my way. Getting to Grade 8 is on my "To do before I reach 30" list, though. Best of luck with your theory, I'm sure you'll be fine! x

  4. Wow thats so good you can play the piano! i really wished i had started when i was younger. oo im also excited to find out about the hair product you have been using.

  5. Can't wait to hear about the miracle hair product!

  6. I wish I could play the Amelie soundtrack, I am terrible at the piano, all thumbs! xxxx

  7. Oooooh I am a muso too! I have tons of grade 5 theory books that are amazing, and also play the piano, so if you need anything honestly feel free to contact me!


  8. Hi Kelly, just found your blog for the first time and really enjoying reading it. Especially like your little mention on the piano - I gave up on it years ago but after listening to your clip from Amelie (fav film) I feel inspired to give it another go!! thank you! x


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