Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Summary

What 5 good things happened this week then?

1. I bought the most gorgeous fur coat this week from Topshop. It's perfect. The reason I say this is because its the only fur coat I have ever tried on in my entire life that hasn't made me look huge, and hasn't made me feel like I look ridiculous. Its a champagne colour, with 3/4 length sleeves and its just so nice on. These pictures do not do it justice at all, its much nicer in real life.

2. Christmas Shopping. This week also saw me and Adam get most of our Christmas Shopping done. The shops are already heaving with Christmas Shoppers trying to get their fill, it turns into an almost dog eat dog type mentality over Boots 3 for 2 Gift Set's the closer it gets to Christmas. I find going first thing in the morning to avoid the rush is the best solution in this situation.

3. I had Sidney groomed this week. Its the first time I've ever had him done professionally and it was worth every penny. The guys at My Pet Stop in Leeds did an amazing job and he came back looking absolutely gorgeous!

4. I'm in the December Issue of Cosmpolitan Magazine! I'm doing one of the "readers reviews" type features in the Beauty Bible Section of the magazine. Its only small but still I was super excited about it! They spelt my name wrong though, so I'm Keely instead of Kelly haha! I've always dreamed of working for a magazine, it would be absolutely amazing!

5. I won a vintage Mickey Mouse Watch on ebay this week for about $3. Its not for everyone, but completely inspired by Chiara, I'll double it up and wear it with another watch and pretend I'm wandering the streets of Italy in the summer with my camera :)

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  1. Oh your coat looks gorgeous and so soft! I'll be looking out for you in Cosmo :) xo

  2. i've always wanted a cavalier with the blenheim colouring, gorgeous!

  3. Kelly!! I love you! Thank you for adding me as one of your five to follow! Mwah :)

    Sidney is so gorgeous & looks amazing after his groom! & the coat looks beautiful on you! Great great buy!

    Great post as always lovely lady!


  4. The coat looks lovely on you! Hopefully it'll be worth every penny! I need to get my Christmas shopping done. I'll try your tip of going early if I can wake up haha.
    Sidney is faarrrrr to cute!!! xx

  5. I love the coat :)

  6. Oh missy, I love the watch. Mickey is my hero.

    How cute is your dog? Haha awww. He looks so chuffed too!

  7. Such a cute dog! He looks gorgeous! Love your winter coat, so warm and cosy looking! xx

  8. Love the coat! My winter coat is also a Topshop faux fur number...they do them so well :)

  9. The watch is really cute! and your pooch looks adorable! :) x

  10. That watch is cute!
    I bought a Pucca one when I was at high school from ebay for a penny! Even though everyone thought it was childish, I loved it!
    That coat is a great colour on you, Im loving ,y fur coats at the mo, so glam hehe (posted about them on my blog if you want to see) :D

  11. I thought that was you in cosmo! My mum and Dad have a dog like Sidney! He looks so cute! x


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