Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Dupe

So this morning I was perusing the internet and after deciding I can't live without this bag from Zara, I ended up on the ASOS website. I headed straight to the watches section being the Watch Addict that I am and I was pleasantly surprised to see several Rose Gold Watches. 

A couple of months ago I bought the Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (below left), its absolutely beautiful and I always receive compliments about it whenever I wear it. The watch was £199.99 which is a little bit pricey around this time of year when all of our pennies tend to go on gifts for others. I know a few of you have already mentioned you love this watch so I thought I'd share with you a few more affordable alternatives, that way you can still get the look of the chunky rose gold watch, but for a fraction of the price! Click the images for the links.

Image 1 of Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated WatchImage 1 of Michael Kors Square Dial Copper Watch
                                    Michael Kors £199                                       Michael Kors £199

Now for some alternatives, all from Asos.

Image 1 of ASOS Rose Gold Effect Retro Style Oversized WatchImage 1 of Oasis Rose Gold Bracelet Watch
                                Asos £28                                                         Oasis £40

Image 1 of ASOS Set Stone Boyfriend Style WatchImage 1 of ASOS Square Face Boyfriend Style Metal Watch
                                Asos £30                                                              Asos £30



  1. Love the Michael Kors, but they are really good dupes. x

  2. OMGeeeee i totes need the square faced ASOS watch for £30 - stunning!! Thank you so much for this!! x

  3. I saw those on ASOS a few weeks ago also and was surprised. I ended up getting one on QVC from Isaac Mizerahi (sp?)

  4. love your blog! Check out mine-


  5. I love rose gold watches, I might have to treat myself to one of the dupes :)

  6. Thanks for the post! I actually bought the sqaure £30 one last week when asos had 20% off...I couldn't resist! Just waiting for my postman to bring me it now :) xxx

  7. I love the Oasis one..perfect for Winter

  8. If you are sneaky, you can make use of the 20-25% off deals at places like House of Fraser, Selfridges, John Lewis etc and get a good deal I've known quite a few bloggers do that and pick up MK and chanel watches. Worth 'watching' out for! :)

  9. I like the ASOS ones, but am definitely holding out for a MK one.. I tried one on in John Lewis, the Horn one, and Ohh I love it!
    Think that will be my birthday treat in January!!!

  10. Ohhh I want the Michael Kors one soooo much! I got a cream MK one last Christmas and the strap is filthy now because it's some sort of rubber! Should have got this one!! x


  11. Thanks so much for this post- I think I'll be buying one of the dupes as really want one for the Christmas season! x

  12. oooo i love the asos watch the circle faced one with gems and rose gold is soo on trend :)

  13. I have the £28 ASOS one, it's really nice, but very big so if you're into dainty watches I wouldn't get that one!

  14. Ahh I've been wanting a rose gold MK watch for agess. Luckily my birthday and christmas fall in the same month... =)

    Ps. I love that bag.

  15. amazing dupes!!! Thanks! Love the one on the top left , really pretty!


  16. Wow I love the asos £28 watch. I've been looking for one like that for a long time, never thought to look at watches when browsing asos. Will have to add that watch to my xmas list x


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  18. First of, I love your blog. I'm from Germany but I check it quite frequently just to see if oyu updated anything.

    On a more random note, I forgot if you mentioned it but: were you in the November Issue of Cosmopolitan? I thought I saw your picture in the make-up testing section?!


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