Monday, 29 November 2010

Its the little things

Do you ever sit down at the end of the day and think to yourself where has today gone? Come to think of it  where has the week gone? We're always so busy with one thing or another its good to sometimes sit back and take note of the little things that make you happy.

Candle Light: My room is full of candles, theres nothing more relaxing than watching a film under the duvet by candle light.

These Russian Dolls given to me by my Nanna before she passed away. I've had them for as long as I can remember and they are unbelievably precious.

Getting into freshly washed bedding after a long day. Bliss.

Go The International Travel Game I'm not sure if any of you will remember this game, its called Go and it came out in 1961. My mum has always loved it and she managed to track it down on ebay. You travel around the world collecting Souvenirs, I love nothing more than sitting down with friends and family and playing a board game.

A cup of Tetley Tea, quite possibly one of my favourite things. Ever. I take it Strong: the colour of a California Tan with Skimmed Milk and Two Sweeteners.

I'm almost 23 and I'm still obsessed with Stationary. I have been my whole life and I think I always will be. New pads and pens make me so happy. The watermelon pen actually smells like Watermelon. This kinda thing is how I get my kicks haha!

Sneakily eating Peanut Butter straight out of the jar. Put your hand up if you secretly do this too.

Photos of Friends. I love taking photographs and really want to get better at it. Even more than this I love those rare absolutely perfect photographs that capture an amazing moment of you and the people who matter most.

A late night game of Scrabble. I love this game so much its unreal. This is mostly down to the fact that again it reminds me of my Nanna who I used to sit and watch spend hours playing Scrabble on her Spectrum computer.

Playing out in the Snow.

Coming in from playing out in the snow to a nice warm fire.

Do you like these photo posts? If so I'll continue to do more. What are the little things that make you the happiest?


  1. Loved this post Kelly (: Your photos are always so lovely, v jealous of your gorgeous room with its candles and fairy lights! xx

  2. A lovely post Kelly:)
    Your bedroom looks so calm and relaxing. I'm also one for lighting some candles and watching a film (with some goodies ofcourse!)

  3. Gahh your room looks soooo cosy in the first pictures! I'm obsessed with stationery too!

    Lovely post :) xo

  4. Aw I loved this. So jealous of the snow! It looks so pretty. I've never played that game but I really want to now! It looks fun... I love trying new board games. :) x

  5. Thats a lovely post :). I like most of them things too, especially stationary :)

  6. I like photo posts, they're much more personal than just a collection of random images from weheartit or tumblr.

    I also love a good board game! Especially the classics like monopoly or scrabble :) xx

  7. Aw I love posts like these. Life goes by so fast sometimes that it's nice to share the little things that make us happy. I did a post like this too, but I really liked how you added your photographs! Hope to see more posts like this from you =)

  8. wonderful post & beautiful photos !

  9. I LOVE this post!! Especially the snow pics :)

    I'm addicted to pretty stationary too, planning my wedding has given me lots of excuses to get excited about pretty paper!!


  10. loved this :)Xxxx

  11. Gorgeous pictures your cameras brill. Love you bedroom. i think ive told u that quite a few times hehe

  12. oh kelly the photos you take are amazing missy!xx

  13. Looks so warm and snuggly in your house.
    Love the russian dolls, and candles are a major feature in my house. Love them.


  14. Ooooh I love candles too. WE have the same wallpaper in our bedroom, except with cream flowers instead of the turquoise! We don't have a real open fire in our house, but I love them - so cosy!

  15. kelly, i adore these posts! they make me feel all warm and squishy inside. :) your room is gorgeous, so very cosy and I am raising my hand to the peanut butter secret nomming! xx

  16. I'm the same with stationary! I just feel like I work harder when my notepad is pretty!! Love these posts :) xo

  17. beautiful lucky we have no snow here yet..

  18. *puts hand up* yum.
    i love the photo posts
    i also have an obsession with stationary. i find myself looking at the paperchase website far too much :( x

  19. loved this post kelly! such a feel good, warming post to read :) xx

  20. Your camera is amazing! Which one do you use? And your bedroom is beautiful, wish mine was like that!

  21. This is a great post! Your photos always look great and your home looks warm and cosy :)

    I'm lethal with scrabble. I have it for the DS and when I start playing it I can put it down! x

  22. Hi Kelly, I LOVE your blog, It's nice to see a fellow British beauty blogger doing so well!

    I'm new to blogging & I'd love if you could check mine out!

    Sarah xx

  23. those pictures are amazing! x


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