Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gucci Guilty Perfume & My Favourite Fragrances.

Gucci Guilty
So if you follow me on Twitter you know I've been going on about how much I love the new Gucci Guilty Fragrance. Well I finally got my hands on it this week and I'm in love with it. Its a funny one because at first when I had a sniff I wasn't sure whether I loved it or loathed it. To be fair it was in the Airport in Mexico and I was just recovering from food poisoning so maybe that had something to do with it.

I'm glad to report that I absolutely love it though, its gone straight into my Top 5 perfumes without a doubt, its a fruity oriental scent with my favourite notes of patchouli and amber as well as peach, lilac, geranium and pink pepper. Its everything I love in a perfume and gets a definite 10/10 from me. I bought it in a set with the perfumed body lotion, which includes a 50ml bottle of perfume and a 100ml bottle of lotion. You can get one here.

Gucci Gucci

Gucci by Gucci is another one of my Top 5 Fragrances. I would repurchase it a million times over. Its everything I like about a perfume. I'm a fan of all Gucci Fragrances as they tend to be laced with Patchouli. I don't like sickly sweet perfumes at all, and I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy another sweet perfume again if I'm honest. They have a tendency to give me headaches, but theres one or two I enjoy wearing occasionally. Miss Dior Cherie for example gives me a chronic headache - even when I'm not wearing it. In fact I don't wear it anymore but my best friend Karen loves it and every time she wears it I get a headache. Actually, it isn't Miss Dior Cherie but Katie Price's Stunning, which for the record is exactly the same fragrance. I'm not sure how Dior haven't sued!

I like my perfumes strong, sensual, and warm, fruity, floral, oriental or woody, and fragrances that most people would only wear in an evening are my first choice. I don't like overly feminine fragrances either, there are one or two exceptions but I like a half way point between feminine and masculine. I like fragrances loaded with notes like Patchouli, Musk, Sandlewood, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Citrus Notes such as Orange blossom, Neroli and Bergamot, Rose, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Vanilla, and Amber. I've been toying with the idea of buying a bottle of Chanel Number 5 which I love as it has all my favourite notes and it reminds me of my Nanna, but feel I'm "too young" to get away with it?

Thierry Mugler Alien

Thierry Mugler's Alien is another firm favourite, it has a certain warmth to it and leaves a trail in every room. As does Hugo Boss Deep Red, one of my all time favourites, I must have had over 10 bottles of Deep Red over the years, but it brings back lots of bad memories every time I smell it, and for that reason alone I no longer wear it. 

Chanel Coco MademoiselleVersace Versace

I'm also a huge fan of floral fragrances, the original Versace Signature Perfume for example is gorgeous and I've had a bottle in my collection for around 3 years. The same goes for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, another gorgeous floral that I'm sure I will continue to repurchase for years to come.

Dolce&Gabbana D&G Light Blue
One of my favourite summer fragrances is Dolce and Gabanna Light blue, another perfume I've had for as long as I can remember. Its the right combination of fruity and floral, with notes like apple, bluebells, jasmine, bamboo, white rose, then hints of cedarwood, amber, and musk. Just a gorgeous perfume.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon

I almost nearly forgot to include another  of my all time favourite perfumes; Givenchy Ange ou Demon. This is just another absolutely gorgeous fragrance. I would have probably never have given this a chance were it not for Adams parents bringing it me back from Duty Free after one of there holidays! I absolutely love this scent. 
Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum
The next perfume on my hit list is Gucci Flora, which I have already smelled and love. It will be a welcome addition to my collection of Floral perfumes and I can't wait to get my mitts on it. I'm a little bit of a perfume fiend if you hadn't guessed and have no qualms about buying it for myself. Some people dont like buying themselves perfume and only ever want it as a Christmas or Birthday Gift. Are you like that? I have lots of other perfumes I could talk about but I thought I'd share some of my absolute favourites with you.
Do you love perfume as much as me? Whats your favourite scent?


  1. I get slated for this all the time but I dont care, I LOVE Britneys perfumes, especially the pink one which I cant remember the name of. xx

  2. i loooooooooooooove perfumes. i like all the ones you mentioned but i also like super sweet ones. miss dior cherie for example i do love, it just makes me happy :) i wear britney's fantasy all the time but that is super sweet too, i get tonnes of compliments when i wear it!

    coc mademoiselle is also a fave but don't wear it as much cos it brings me bittersweet memories :\

  3. One of my favourite perfumes at the minute is Hearts and Daggers by Ed Hardy. Any perfume that is sweet or fruity is a winner for me! xx Love the new Gucci too!

  4. I love this post! Love reading recs for other perfumes to look out for. Guilty is next on my list, I have never had a Gucci perfume that I have not taken to.

  5. I LOVE Gucci II in summer, but for Fall/Winter I am a Burberry Brit girl... it is both sweet and fruity, and there is a definite reason it is so popular. Part of me wishes I had something a little more unique, but it is the only perfume I've ever got compliments on while wearing, so my vanity has won out :)


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