Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Dupe

So this morning I was perusing the internet and after deciding I can't live without this bag from Zara, I ended up on the ASOS website. I headed straight to the watches section being the Watch Addict that I am and I was pleasantly surprised to see several Rose Gold Watches. 

A couple of months ago I bought the Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (below left), its absolutely beautiful and I always receive compliments about it whenever I wear it. The watch was £199.99 which is a little bit pricey around this time of year when all of our pennies tend to go on gifts for others. I know a few of you have already mentioned you love this watch so I thought I'd share with you a few more affordable alternatives, that way you can still get the look of the chunky rose gold watch, but for a fraction of the price! Click the images for the links.

Image 1 of Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated WatchImage 1 of Michael Kors Square Dial Copper Watch
                                    Michael Kors £199                                       Michael Kors £199

Now for some alternatives, all from Asos.

Image 1 of ASOS Rose Gold Effect Retro Style Oversized WatchImage 1 of Oasis Rose Gold Bracelet Watch
                                Asos £28                                                         Oasis £40

Image 1 of ASOS Set Stone Boyfriend Style WatchImage 1 of ASOS Square Face Boyfriend Style Metal Watch
                                Asos £30                                                              Asos £30


Monday, 29 November 2010

Its the little things

Do you ever sit down at the end of the day and think to yourself where has today gone? Come to think of it  where has the week gone? We're always so busy with one thing or another its good to sometimes sit back and take note of the little things that make you happy.

Candle Light: My room is full of candles, theres nothing more relaxing than watching a film under the duvet by candle light.

These Russian Dolls given to me by my Nanna before she passed away. I've had them for as long as I can remember and they are unbelievably precious.

Getting into freshly washed bedding after a long day. Bliss.

Go The International Travel Game I'm not sure if any of you will remember this game, its called Go and it came out in 1961. My mum has always loved it and she managed to track it down on ebay. You travel around the world collecting Souvenirs, I love nothing more than sitting down with friends and family and playing a board game.

A cup of Tetley Tea, quite possibly one of my favourite things. Ever. I take it Strong: the colour of a California Tan with Skimmed Milk and Two Sweeteners.

I'm almost 23 and I'm still obsessed with Stationary. I have been my whole life and I think I always will be. New pads and pens make me so happy. The watermelon pen actually smells like Watermelon. This kinda thing is how I get my kicks haha!

Sneakily eating Peanut Butter straight out of the jar. Put your hand up if you secretly do this too.

Photos of Friends. I love taking photographs and really want to get better at it. Even more than this I love those rare absolutely perfect photographs that capture an amazing moment of you and the people who matter most.

A late night game of Scrabble. I love this game so much its unreal. This is mostly down to the fact that again it reminds me of my Nanna who I used to sit and watch spend hours playing Scrabble on her Spectrum computer.

Playing out in the Snow.

Coming in from playing out in the snow to a nice warm fire.

Do you like these photo posts? If so I'll continue to do more. What are the little things that make you the happiest?

Monday Summary

Here's Five good things!

1. This week saw the arrival of a blanket of white snow across the country. I love the snow and the magical feel it brings with it, granted its a nightmare for getting around it but still, theres just a kind of wonderful feeling that the snow brings and I have a lot of love for it.



2. I've been toying with the idea of learning a language, just for fun. It would probably be french, italian or spanish but not sure which one? I've downloaded a few different podcasts as a starting point namely Coffee Break French, Coffee Break Spanish, and My Daily Phrase Italian, any tips would be appreciated!

3. Remember the Zara bag I posted about not long ago? Well I only went and managed to get my hands on one! All will be revealed in due course as soon as the beauty arrives!!


4. There's only 26 days until Christmas! Its my favourite time of year without a shadow of a doubt. I can not wait for the 1st of December to arrive and the tree will be up quicker than you can say Crimbo.

5. I have been hugely inspired by fashion photography blogs over the past few weeks, namely The Cherry Blossom Girl who I can't quite believe I wasn't already following.When I have reached my goal weight I have every intention of venturing outdoors with my tripod and really getting into outfit posts. I will be completely honest in the fact that as I currently am I can not wear the clothes I want to and feel confident in myself. I've always always said I want to be able to fit into proper size 10 skinny jeans, that has never happened to this date, but I have every confidence in the not so distant future that that dream will become a reality :)

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Repurchase: Revlon Photoready Foundation

You may remember many moons ago I reviewed Revlons Photoready Foundation? Well a couple of days ago I only went and repurchased it in a lighter shade! Yes it would appear that winter is well and truly here and the time to embrace the pale is nigh.

In my original review I said I probably wouldn't repurchase this foundation, but the truth of the matter is my skin almost always looks good when I wear it! I still stand by my original review in that if you have extremely oily skin this foundation will probably just slide off of your face, but it seems to be working for me and thats the main thing right? I also finally got a complete match for my skin which was a problem I had previously, I opted for Shell which is a perfect match for my skin at the moment.

So are you embracing the pale skin now winter is here? Theres something quite english rose about pale skin and flushed cheeks that I love, think Keira Slightly *snigger* (couldn't help myself) and Emma Watson...

Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday Summary

This week has been awesome, here's 5 good things as always.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was epic. I absolutely loved it and want to go and see it again as soon as possible. I have to admit I was genuinely scared at some points, I'm such a scaredy cat its unbelievable! I also have an unhealthy obsession with Ron, I think I might be a little bit in love with him!

2. My treadmill is amazing, its a really good piece of kit. Its really sturdy and I feel really comfortable running or speed walking on it without worrying its going to pack in on me. Its also got an incline feature so I can power walk up hills! I have dreams of one day running for 30 minutes straight. One day people, One day...

3. This weekend I was super busy. In a nutshell we rented out our old property and the tenants have made a real mess of it. My bestie Karen and her boyfriend are taking over the house so we've spent all weekend getting it back in ship shape. Theres still a long way to go but we'll get there. It took us all of Sunday just to clean the kitchen! Here's me & Karen looking super glamorous in our cleaning gear.

4. Today I went to get some new specs. My eyesight has really deteriorated over the last couple of years. When I was younger I wanted to wear glasses so badly. I was super jealous of Karen because she used to wear glasses. Now I actually get to wear glasses I realise how silly I was to long to wear glasses and I miss having perfect vision. I wear my glasses now more times than I don't. I legally need to wear them for driving, and I need them to see anything longer than arms length away otherwise things can be quite blurry.  I accidentally fried my current glasses with nail polish remover (dont ask lol) so today I went to Specsavers to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offer they currently have on. After much deliberation I opted for one plain black pair by FCUK, and I took a risk and got a pair of Red or Dead "Geek" glasses, you know the Buddy Holly type. Hopefully I will have them on Thursday so will share some photos with you as soon as I have them!

5. You may remember last week I mentioned my piano? Well I spoke to my teacher and we've decided to shoot straight for grade 8 instead of 7. It will be hard, but I'm sure I can do it and I will be super proud when I have done it!

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OPI Burlesque Collection

I placed an order a couple of weeks ago for a few nail polishes from the OPI Burlesque collection. I ordered the polishes from this ebay seller and they took around 2 weeks to arrive.

The ones I chose from the Burlesque collection were Rising Star, Let Me Entertain You, Ali's Big Break, The Show Must Go On, and one of the glitter polishes Bring on the Bling. I really love all of the polishes, all of them have a very subtle micro glitter running through them leaving an absolutely gorgeous finish on the nails.

No Flash
 With Flash
Bring on the bling, Let me entertain you, Ali's Big Break, The show must go on, Rising Star

Second Row Bottom Right Vodka and Caviar

Ali's Big Break is a gorgeous red with a gold micro glitter running through it, Let Me Entertain You is more of a pink with hot pink glitter running through it, The Show Must Go On which also happens to be one of my all time favourite Queen songs is a much softer and lighter red with pink micro glitter with an orange shimmer . The star of the show is Rising Star which is the most gorgeous metallic copper, its just beautiful and I own nothing like it in my collection. I don't think this polish will be for everyone, but I absolutely love it. The last polish in the collection I bought Bring on the Bling does exactly what it says on the tin, its a full on super sparkly gold glitter nail polish.

Vodka and Caviar

I did buy one more nail polish from OPI which is Vodka and Caviar (this ones for you Laura) and its just the most gorgeous red polish ever. Definitely a hit in my book, and glad to have added it to my collection.

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Summary

Today has been a brilliant week! Here's 5 good things that happened.


1. This saturday I went to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Gemma, and Nicola. It was Nicola's birthday on Sunday so we spent Saturday afternoon shopping and then went for a lovely italian. It was such a fantastic day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also managed to find a pair of Topshop shorts that I've been hunting for forever, they were the last ones and they were my size. It was just meant to be!

2. I'm having a treadmill delivered on Friday, and its a good one too. I'm super excited. Getting to the gym is just becoming impossible, running outside in the dark just isn't safe on my own, and I want to start taking my diet and fitness seriously. Weightwatchers is still going well, although this week we started the new pro points plan and I have struggled to get to grips with it. Everything I knew about points has been literally wiped out and I'm having to learn everything again. I have every faith though that in a couple of weeks I'll have got my head around it and be into the swing of things.

3. I started my Grade 5 Piano Theory this week. To progress to any piano grade past 5 you have to sit a written theory test. I'm working towards Grade 7 Piano Practical, but before I can do the exam I have to have this grade 5 theory under my belt. There are 8 piano grades altogether and thats what I'm working towards. I'm often asked about my Piano playing so now would be a good time to share I suppose. I started playing self taught on an old school Casio keyboard when I was about 9. I used to watch the demo songs on the keyboard screen, slow down the tempo, and copy the notes being played. I did that for years. When I was about 18 I started having lessons with an old lady called Irene, thats when I learned to read music. I eventually changed teachers to the lovely guy I'm with now, Richard. I've been with him for over 3 years now and I've gone from nothing to Grade 7 in that time. I'm hoping to have my grade 8 next year. I have one 30 minute lesson every week, and I play absolutely every type of music you can imagine. I'm a big Jazz fan and spend hours at the piano. I have a very good electric piano which is a fantastic piece of kit for a beginner who isn't sure how serious their playing will get. Ultimately though I will soon be getting a "proper" upright piano, as theres only so long an electric piano will do when you are taking it seriously. If you have any more questions about the piano, ask away I can talk about it all night! Some of my favourite pieces to play are Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, The Heart asks Pleasure First, Claire de Lune,  and everything by Yann Tiersen. I can play all of his pieces from the Amelie Soundtrack, which is also one my favourite films of all time!

4. I found the most amazing hair product this week. Its amazing. I will do a dedicated post about it soon because it is that good!

5. I also found some brilliant blogs this week! I love fashion blogs at the moment, I'll keep sharing the love as I keep finding them!

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Weekend Treats - Ikea

Today we did one of my favourite things. We went to Ikea. Its rather pathetic really but I get really excited over Ikea. I'm not quite sure what it is about the place but I just love it there! I bought myself a few gorgeous little treats for my bedroom and I thought I'd share the Ikea love.

I bought a large glass vase and two sets of Star Fairy lights. I'm going to put one set of the lights in the vase and one around my bed or dressing table mirror, I havnt quite decided yet. What do you think? The star lights are actually battery powered which is good in one way, as theres no worrying about where to plug them in and ruining "the look," and bad because of the constant battery replacements. I have however devised a cunning plan. I'm going to buy some rechargeable batteries to remedy this minor issue :)

I also bought a set of large tealight candles, spiced apple and cinnamon of course, and with it I bought two gorgeous little tealight holders. They are a beautiful deep pink/purple shade and were an absolute steal at £1.79. The entire lot of goodies cost me less than £20 and I now have even more wonderful additions to make my bedroom even more of a relaxing safe haven to escape to in the winter.

Do you love candles, trinkets, and ornaments as much as me?
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