Friday, 15 October 2010

Zara Studded Bag - Help me find this bag!

So the story here is that I have wanted this bag since the day I saw it. It was literally love at first sight. That was about a year ago now. At the time I couldnt find it in either of the Zara Stores closest to me (The White Rose and the Leeds City entre one) or online. Since then I have been on an eternal search to find it.

Its almost exactly the same scenario as a studded Russell & Bromley handbag I have NEVER been able to find anywhere, not even ebay.

So I'm putting it out there and asking you if you have this bag and never use it and would like to sell it I would absolutely love to hear from you. Or if you have a friend that has one and doesn't use it or if you just know anywhere I can find it I would love you forever. In fact if anyone can find this handbag I will personally buy you a gift and send it to you, regardless of where in the world you live! Seriously thats how much I want it. It has to be this exact bag though.

I think part of the intense desire comes from not being able to get it anywhere. Its almost like when you see something you love and can't find it anywhere, it makes you want it even more!

Fingers Crossed this might lead to me finally having this beauty in my possession.



  1. That's a gorgeous bag. It's so similar to a Wang, even down to the texture of the leather. I don't get how companies can get away with these dupes. As a designer I'd be pissed. I'll keep an eye out here in NYC.

  2. I Love this bag too! I tried to find it for ages! I think it came about 2 years ago and was on ebay for a while for about £125+ although its about a £30 bag. Good luck I love this bag too! X

  3. Hi kelly!
    My friends dad is the manager of a discounted warehouse that sells high street clothes and accessories from past seasons. Sometimes the items are damaged or too many where made etc. So Ive given my friend the picture to pass on to her dad and he said he will keep his eyes open for it if ever comes in. I know its a long shot but you never know :)
    hope you manage to find it! its gorgeous

  4. Wow i think i would have to join you in this search :o
    If i see anything i will drop you a email!


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