Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Summary

Time for 5 good things!

1. WeightWatchers. I've rejoined yay! The key with any diet or healthy eating plan is sticking with it, and thats just what I intend on doing :) Most of you know about the struggles with my weight, now uni is over and life is a bit less mental I'm ready to tackle it once and for all!

2. I did my first presentation for a client at work and it went well! Doing a presentation at work is completely different to doing one at University; but I'm really glad I was made to do presentations at Uni because it has given me the confidence to do them in work life too.

3. This may be too much information but the contraceptive injection is now 100% out of my system shall we say. Some of you may remember about 10 months ago I made the decision to come off of the injection as I thought it was causing me several problems. My original post is here. I was worried I'd never get back to "normal" but thankfully I'm back in working order at last. YAY!

4. Relaxing Weekends. Working full time really does make you appreciate the weekends more. Theres nothing better than a lazy Sunday. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what a girl needs after a busy week.

5. Christmas. I know this is a tad early but I'm SO excited for Christmas. Its hands down my favourite time of year. If I had it my way I'd have the house lit up like Blackpool Illuminations from November. Alas, we have to hold out until the 1st of December but as soon as the day arrives out comes the tree and the Christmas Village.

Its not too early to start playing Christmas songs in the car right?


  1. Awh Kelly love your posts and videos! Always brightens my day :) x

  2. It is a little too excited for christmas songs lol.
    Have you tried the implant? Im on that and have been for about a year not and ive had no problems at all :)

  3. Good look with the Weight Watchers! I'm so worried about doing presentations in uni. Standing in front of a group of people I don't know and talking is going to be a nightmare. You're a girl after my own heart - it is NEVER too early for Christmas songs :) x

  4. I'm SO excited about Christmas too!! Eep!

    I'm playing Christmas music already!

    Gem x

  5. When is it ever too early for xmas? I've finished buying some pressies already :|.

  6. christmas! cant wait putting tinsel around everything x

  7. Good luck starting weight watchers!! I've got my first meeting this week and I'm rather nervous! And woo for Christmas!!! I think it's the cold weather but I've came over all christmassy too! xx

  8. Good luck with WW hun. And I'm so excited about Christmas as well- a bit too early but I love it xx

  9. It's NEVER too early to start playing christmas songs :D
    I'm sooooo excited for christmas!

  10. Nope, not too early fir Christmas! All the shops have had decorations out for weeks now. In the US many people decorate at thanksgiving time, me included! (nov. 24).
    Tammi Marie

    Your posts make me laugh, you're so down to earth!
    How cute is your christmas village?
    Get those songs blasting in the car! Only you can hear them anyway (unless you have them super loud!)

  12. cannot wait for christmas iv nearly done all my shopping already xxxxx

  13. Oh I agree ahah I love christmas!

  14. ur so pretty !
    and its never too early for xmas songs. if they make you smile !

  15. Good Luck with Weight Watchers, I've lost 10lb in 2 weeks - am very pleased!
    I think you're blooming gorgeous and in my opinion you really don't need to lose any weight at all x x


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