Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Summary

Time for my 5 good things this week!

1. Today was 90s One Hit Wonders day at work! Cue cheesetastic pop music from the 90s including Mmmm Bop, Return of the Mack, and of course dont forget 2 Unlimited - No Limits.

2. I found a gorgeous blazer in Primark for £13, I was wearing it in my last post. Its just what I've been looking for, the material is so soft and its a really good fit.

3. My skin seems to be clearing up again this week, Good times.

4. This weekend I went bowling and to Nandos - both of which I havent done for ages. It was lovely to spend some time with friends and have a few drinks. When I say a few drinks I mean several pitchers of some "The Big Apple" Cocktail ;)

5. I've discovered a strong love for fresh egg penne pasta with tomato and basil sauce. Its simply devine and featured heavily on last weeks menu :)

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  1. how do you make that pasta? It sounds interesting.

  2. Haha got to love a bit of Mmmbop! And that doggie is too cute :) xxx

  3. n'awhhhh kelly he's so cute! xxx

  4. Awww look at your wee doggy, so cute! I've got a springer spaniel puppy! Glad your skin is clearing up - I wish mine would :(


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