Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday Summary

Some of you may remember many moons ago I started a Sunday Summary where I listed 5 good things that happened that week. For one reason or another I didn't keep up with it. I've decided now that I'm back in full swing to start these posts again! A few other bloggers still post these but on a Monday - Victoria at Lilyloveslola immediately springs to mind, so I thought I would post mine on Mondays too!

1. My trip to London for the Eyeko Event! It was so nice to have a weekend away, I havn't managed to make it to any of the events this year because of uni and then work commitments, and it was really nice to see everyone again. Me, Gemma, Nicola and Lydia stayed over in a hotel for the night and Zoe joined us for some pre event drinks.Despite getting soaked by the fabulous British weather it was lovely to spend some time with my favourite people!




2. Red Nails. I painted my nails bright red last night and I absolutely love them. I'm usually inclined to go with a darker red, but opted for a brighter shade on a whim.


3. Old scarves. I have lots of scarves and as soon as Autumn arrives I love pulling them all out again. This one from River Island is a particular favourite. I've had it for years but I still love it as much as when I first bought it. I got real pleasure from wearing this today.


4. I finally found the perfect aviator jacket! I've been looking for one for a while, but either it was "too much" aviator or they didn't have any in anything above a size 8! I found this one this week in Zara and immediately fell in love with it. Its perfect. Gemma bought the same one in black and described it as "not an aviator jacket, but a jacket with a touch of aviator." This is an absolute steal at £39.99, grab one while you can!


5. I have finally booked my Invisalign Consultation! Last week I made an appointment to go for a consultation and hopefully start the Invisalign process. I had a traditional brace when I was younger but had lots of problems with it. As a result I had it taken off after 4 months and I'm now left with two gaps in my upper teeth and crooked lower teeth. I've been wanting Invisalign for around 3 years, and the time has finally come where I can go ahead with the treatment. After what feels like has been waiting forever I can hardly contain myself that I will be having the consultation on the 30th of October. If you are interested in Invisalign Laura has done a fantastic post on it here.

Here's to another fab week!



  1. I just laughed my bewbs off at that cat!! Miss you already Bambino, love youu xxx

  2. beautiful picture at the end! becky xo

  3. Ahhh the sky was amazing over Leeds the other night wasn't it!
    My boyfriend did a little time lapse:

    Sooo pretty!
    Looks like you've had a good few days :) xo

  4. Really enjoy these type of posts! And really interested to hear about your Invisalign experiences as I want to get it too! x

  5. omg that cat! im totally gonna start making a cat snood for my boyfriends cat!

  6. Love this post, hope you'll do one every week :) xx

  7. Love this post, im looking forward to reading more of these! xxx

  8. Oh my goodness, that cat! Simply ADORABLE!!!


  9. I love these posts too - that sky is just gorgeous. Will you be blogging specifically about the Eyeko event or no? :)

  10. HI - Just came across your blog, it looks fab! Love the pics in this post - look at the little cat!! I am thinking about getting "adult braces" so I'm going to pop over to the other blog to have a read about it now :) xx

  11. I had forgotten about the cat! So funny! Love you xxx

  12. That jacket is gorgeous, it's a beaut. I love sky pics too. Leeds <3

  13. Gorgeous jacket. I didn't see it in the shop last weekend... very likely sold out? sigh.


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