Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Andrew Barton Triple Barrel Waver

Here is my attempt at using a Triple Barrel Waver. Its just a non serious rambly video! I returned the waver to Argos today; I think it will work much better with longer hair, or if the barrels themselves were wider.
The quest for Rachel Zoe like hair continues!



  1. The Poddington Peas Rock my World! :) I like it but I get what you mean about it looking crimped. Its probably for the best that you took it back if you weren't 100% happy! xxx

  2. The Poddington Peas Rock My World!! ;)

    I totally agree with you, you hate it but at the same time kinda like it - however, i'm personally leaning towards the hate - it does resemble crimping waaaay too much for me..makes it look a tiny bit bushy at the ends :/

    I tweeted about having been on my own 'search for a good-wave-maker-curling-iron' and i think i've found it! the boots in westfield didn't have the babyliss or tony and guy jumbo one that i had set out to buy..and the beauty expert (who was an ex-hairdresser) totally recommended the boots style solutions jumbo hair tongs - said they do exactly the job i'm looking for..i must admit, i reluctantly took them off the shelf, and bought them..thinking that i'd be back the next day returning them..but i haven't - they are actually great! :) i'm so happy with them, they create such great, loose curls. here's the link: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Style-Solutions-Jumbo-Hair-Tongs_982561/

    p.s. I also got myself a babyliss curling wand from john lewis (it was the cheapest there!!) http://www.johnlewis.com/230574608/Product.aspx and i LOVE this. creates much more defined curls, i think you said you have one so i shan't ramble on ;)

  3. haha i love rambly videos! i bet if the barrels were wider you'd get a better effect, my friend has the babyliss one and it looks a lot less crimpy x

  4. I have one, definitely looks better now my hair is getting longer. And I dont start as far up the hair which helps, oh and I use it the other way round, so the plate is on top.
    Pics of my hair waved here,it looks better the more it drops though. http://hairadviceandallthingsnice.blogspot.com/2010/08/sunday-snip-2.html
    I really like mine, but people are different.
    Love the video though!!I love rambling (hence my rambly comment!!) :) xx

  5. Haaaaaaaaaaaahaha, I think I love you - for the first time I've watched someone for 13 minutes do their hair (and I wasn't bored). You crack me up!

  6. I had a triple barrel waver but it had bigger barrels. My hair was a similar length to yours when I started using it but what I found worked best for me was not pulling it down your hair like you were doing. I would hold it for 10 secs or so then completely open the clap and move down. Maybe thats why your waves are not as defined.
    Just a idea!!!! luv all ur vids by the way!!

  7. poddington peas rock my world :)

    i think this look has a lot to do with length - my hair is around yours, then i stick my extensions in - it makes the look obviously different, but i feel i can get away with only curling/flicking/whatever on the ends - then most of it is taken care of via the extensions, ( which FYI - hold the conical curl SO well ! i use it once a week, then brush and it sill holds for about 8 days! amaze)

    i think another thing i would try is not to give it the 'oomph' your giving it, racel zoe's hair is SO flat, and the trick to her wave is that its all going the the same wavy way !

    maybe try a serum to smoth all the waves together

    keep up your quest - im after a 'waver' too
    love your blog

  8. Ive used one of them before and if you hold it for longer on each 'clamp down' it turns out really defined, its just practice though. One day i can use them and my hair looks amazing the next time i try it just ends up frizzy. Practice and patience i think.

    I love your videos by the way x x


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