Wednesday, 15 September 2010


So if you cast your mind back you may remember an bleaching incident I had last year when I was rocking blonde locks.

To cut a long story short the hairdressers screwed my hair up and I suffered massive breakage at my roots. Asa result I coloured my hair as close to my original colour as I could, and had it all chopped off. When I say chopped off I mean I had it cut really short into a graduated bob.

I liked the bob and in some ways think it looks better in this style but I missed my longer locks and have been growing my hair ever since.

Photo taken in October 2009.

December 2010

I've had the hair cut since the initial chop, and had the bob levelled off at the very beginning of April 2010.

April 2010.

I havn't coloured my hair at all since February 2010 so well over 6 months, and I'm trying to completely grow my natural colour back and just let it do its own thing!

After the whole hair drama I started getting into Professional Haircare, and  I wanted to know what Professional Hair Products you recommend, seeing as I'm about to buy some new Shampoo & Conditioner.
I've tried a Dumb blonde by Bedhead, but these have been my favourites so far:

Kerastase Resistance: These were what I used directly after the Hair disaster! These are fantastic for seriously damaged hair and work hard to fix the hair from the inside out.

Kerastase Lait Vital and Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx: These conditioners were a gift from Laura quite a while ago and I thoroughly enjoyed using them. You can really feel the difference after using these conditioners.

So I'd love to hear what your favourite Shampoo's and Conditioners are! I will make a purchase based on the comments on this post and do an update when I've bought and used it. I'm open to absolutely any suggestions!


  1. The protein RX also has a treatment you can put on at night as a hair moisturiser,I find that really good x

  2. Redken Extreme are my shampoo and conditioner at the moment. I alternate the conditioner with the Perfect Platinum one

  3. Aveda products and Redken products for blonde hair.

  4. The L'Oreal Professionels do great hair products..I use the colour range and they are fantastic..keeps the colour locked in but also leaves your hair in such a good condition! Hope this helps xx

  5. I love the colour of your hair now, it looks so cute! I'm currently going all natural with my hair and sticking to sulfate free shampoos (loving the liz earle haircare!) I would recommend coconut oil as a scalp treatment, you don't always need to spend a bomb! X

  6. Kerastase is always a good bet but I also like the Sebastian Penetraitt range and Macadamia Oil range. Your hair looks great!

  7. The best high end haircare I've tried has to be by far Redken, it's easy to find as lots of salons use it, works well and is affordable. Especially the Glam Blonde, All Soft and Extreme ranges, they're amazing! I also love their Satin Wear Blow Dry Lotion and other styling products. Other than that Kerastase is great but so expensive and TIGI S Factor is also good and smells yummy. xx

  8. I worked in a hairdressers part-time for four years and the focal point of my job was the shampooing of clients. A product that I felt help boosts the condition of hair when dry or damaged was the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Recharger. This is a moose-like product that we'd would usually put in after shampoo (X2) but BEFORE conditioner. You would a palm size amount on your ends, comb it through and leave for five minutes. Then rinse it out and condition as normal. There usually is a significant difference in the hair! Hope this helps :) x

  9. Hey Kally

    I like Fredeick Fekkai Au Natural. It leaves my hair super duper soft and smells lush.

    It's quite pricey though!!

    At the mo I'm also trying ouy Mop C, it's good but it's not Fekkai good.

    Pippa xxx

  10. Goldwell products are my favourite. They have a wide range of specific hair types/problems so i'm sure you'll find something for you.
    The intense treatment is one of my fave products by them.
    There's a review somewhere in my blog if you're interested


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