Saturday, 25 September 2010

Alexander McQueen Skull Rings (plus a few more)

One of the questions I get asked the most about is my Rings. If you've followed me for a long time, you'll know that I'm a big fan of rings. I've built my collection for several years, and this by far isn't all of them - but these are a selection of my absolute favourites. If you have any more specific questions about any of the rings shown, just leave a question in the comments or ask me on Twitter (@kelanjo19) and I'll answer as best as I can :)

I was lucky enough recently to add 2 fabulous Alexander McQueen Skull rings to my collection - one more demure than the other. I'm also planning on purchasing another next month ;) I'm well aware that big skulls and bold rings aren't to everyones taste but I love them and absolutely cant get enough of them! I think when it comes to rings, a good idea is to invest in one or two real beauties and mix them up with more affordable options from Topshop, Primark, or ASOS, that you can swap and change up depending on your mood. 

The rings below were bought from a variety of places, but mainly Harvey Nichols, Topshop, Thomas Sabo Leeds, and ASOS.
So without further ado...

Alexander McQueen Heart Skull Ring. 

Alexander McQueen Classic Skull and Bee Ring

Newly Purchased River Island Lioness Ring

Thomas Sabo Skull Ring

ASOS Angel Wing

Topshop Leaf

Gemstone Ring - Gift from Mum

Silver Greek Style Ring bought in Cyprus

Plain Simple Ring bought from Silver Stand in The White Rose Shopping Centre



  1. I can totally tell your new camera and A.M. rings are your favourite things. So many pictures! My favourite from this collection actually is Thomas Sabo

  2. You've made me want a skull ring! The Alexander McQueen ones are absolutely gorgeous. I'm such a magpie!

  3. the gemstone one is lovely!!
    the skulls remind me of Butler & Wilson jewelery, you should check them out if you havent already! :) x

  4. Love your rings sweetie :) I like the Thomas Sabo one the best I think! xxx

  5. I like angel wing and leaf. Lovely collection :)

  6. You should check out where McQueen used to buy his Skull Jewellery befire he started making his own-


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