Sunday, 8 August 2010

Loving & Hating

I forgot how much I enjoy these posts, so without further ado...

  • Growing Hair! Yay!! 

  • My upcoming holiday - 2 weeks to go until I jet off to Mexico, Can I get a hell yeah?

  • Ditching the scales - my life will no longer be dominated by the number on the scale; surely how I feel should be the main gauge for my how I feel about myself instead of a silly number?

  • Revlon Photoready Foundation - Im really enjoying using this now that it matches my skin tone

  • Diet Coke, sad but true lol can't believe I was once addicted to Pepsi Max, what the hell was I thinking?

  • My Dog Sid (or Sidney, Sidney Bobbles Bon Bon, or Bobbles as we like to call him) I swear I love him a little bit more every day

  • Mr Medicine by Eliza Doolittle - one of the few songs on her album I like, have a listen, you know you want to...

  • A complete lack of holiday clothes in AUGUST? WTF?? Yeah apparently summer ends at the end of July now and all of the shops get rid of the summer stuff and start flogging the Autumn gear - this is all fine and well if you havn't got any need to buy holiday clothes. However, if you're an unfortunate soul that does, good luck; I've spent the last 2 days getting together as much stuff as possible and believe me it wasn't an easy task!

  • The rain... bring back the sun please??

And thats it, I'm not hating much this week - which is always a good thing :) What are you Loving or Hating this week?


  1. So jealous you are going on holiday! I went on holiday in June and it feels like a lifetime ago.Have a fab time x

  2. Aw Sid is adorable!! I agree, bring back the sun, I'm sick of this english weather! x

  3. Mexico is gorgeous but you're going bang in the middle of hurricane season lol. Hope the weather is good for you though.
    I lovee the Eliza Doolittle album too :D

  4. hahaha i remember having a debate which was better diet coke or pepsi max when twitter first started!! welcome to the dark side hahahaaha :) xx

  5. Aww, your dog is adorable!
    And loving your hair too:) x

  6. I've only just come back from holiday but I need another one already! Great post xxx

  7. Your hair is looking gorgeous! :) Where is your necklace from too? x

  8. Your dog is so cute, have a good time in Mexico :) x


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