Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Barry M Racing Green

So I did a rush jobby last night when I painted my nails; you all know what I'm talking about...

It gets to ten minutes before bedtime so its OBVIOUSLY the right time to paint your nails right? RIGHT?

Thought So :)

Last nights colour of choice was my recently purchased Barry M Racing Green. I swear this has changed colour since the last time I had it? I had a bottle donkeys ago and I'm positive that it wasn't the same colour! The last time I had it it was more of an old green mini colour, please tell me some of you know what I'm talking about? If not, just trust me it was definitely different.

This is more of a whats the word....Mermaid Green?

Its really really nice, this is with just one coat so the colour would be even more beautiful with 2 coats. The flash is making it look a bit wishy washy but it really is gorgeous!


  1. I love the colour :) Must purchase on Saturday :D

  2. i have this! it looks so good with black!

  3. i LOVE this colour ... i heard belledujournyc talk about it & knew i had to have it ... i think if you put two coats it looks really nice! :) x

  4. mmm looks gorgeous! might have to get this for winter!xxx

  5. it looks like with two coats and a shiny top coat it would be lush! :) x

  6. I love the colour - it's so pretty!! You look gorgeous too honey xx


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