Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Calling all fashionistas!!

Good Morning Girls!

I have a little riddle for you today

Imagine this, a new fashion brand just launched, you love the clothes and find the perfect outfit for your next night out. When you get to the checkout online you are given the option, you can just buy the outfit, or you can join the members area. The members area costs £5 a month but you will get £10 store credit every month for that, as well as access to other benefits like priority viewings of new ranges and free entry into fabulous prize draws.

So My question to you is, do you pay the £5 a month membership?

Answers & comments in the comments please. 


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Illamasqua Body Electrics Face and Body Kabuki Brush

I've wanted this bad boy for ages now, but could never justify paying the full whack for it... £38 to be precise.

Well if you're quick you may be lucky like me and manage to snatch one up for £22.75 in the ASOS Sale!!

I know, bargain or what? I can guarantee you this brush is well worth £20 of anyone's money. I have like I said wanted this forever, and was so happy to find out it was reduced in the sale. 

Its so soft and incredibly dense; I'll use it to apply my powder to set my foundation, its also the perfect size to pop in your bag on the go to apply blot powder when you need to control any pesky shine.

Seriously girls, go snap one of these up while they're still there, You definitely wont regret it! You can buy it here.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Jewellery

I wanted to share with you all a couple of pieces of jewellery my mum bought for me last week!
Both items are from Disney Couture and I love them lots!!

First up we have the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Cameo Ring.

The we have this gorgeous key Alice in Wonderland key bracelet too.

The bracelet is from Accessories Online and the Ring is from ASOS.

Thanks Mum!!



Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday Session Week 2

So I'm going to include a picture of yours truly in each Sunday Session Post I do :) I originally saw this idea by the gorgeous LLYMLRS who does a weekly Sunday Portrait. If you dont already follow her, you should do!!

If you hadn't already guessed my Sunday Session is pretty much just a round up of my week, its my personal take on ins/outs ups/downs/ loving/hating. I'm not sure if anyone else does a Sunday Session, I just randomly thought of the title whilst in the bath last week haha :)

Anyhow moving swiftly on....

Supermarket Buys.
Neutrogena Face Scrub to match my Face Wash, Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturiser, Lynx Shower Gel (Inspired by Lollipop26) and my fail safe Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturiser - They've re branded the packaging for this, about time its been the same since I was 15 haha!

Wearing on the Wrist.
My new Timex Watch, it was reduced in Harvey Nichols from £50 to £20 - what a bargain, its not for everyone I know but i like it. I've got a real thing about red at the moment, and its a nice way for getting my fix. I've mainly got it to wear at the gym and whilst swimming as its waterproof!

On the Nails.
A somewhat slightly chipped Barry M Navy. Loves it.

Loved it obviously!!

I never tire of this album. True Fact: I've been championing Florence for years when I first discovered a kiss with a fist about 4 or more years ago on the interent. I knew she would make it big :)

Finally finished that awful Jackie collins book I showed last week. Picked these up today, hope they're better!

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