Sunday, 23 May 2010

Update: Topshop Big Smoke Nail Polish Review

Quick update as promised on the Topshop Nail Polish in Big Smoke. The pic below is on the second day of wear to give you an idea of the longevity of the polish.


So... I like it, it falls into the "greige" category thats bang on trend at the moment. However its more grey than mink/beige. It goes on nicely, and the above picture is only one coat. To be totally honest I rarely ever apply two coats of polish. Am I alone in this notion? I just cant be bothered :) *lazy*
The consistency of the polish is lovely and super easy to apply.
Would I recommend it? If you were to ask me about it in person my response would be "yeah its nice"
The only downfall is the price, the Topshop polishes are £5 each, and for the product, I think this is too high. Other than that, overall its a nice polish, you can buy it here :)



  1. Its a lovely colour. I was thinking about getting a few from topshop, but was waiting for some reviews first. If that is just one coat, I think I may be heading to topshop soonish! x

  2. I'm liking the look of your dressing table!
    I like the consistency of Topshop nails, but i agree about the price. Although not shocked, it is Topshop!

  3. lovely colour :)
    I really want to try the Topshop polishes

  4. Hello Kelly! I have given you a blog award as I lurvve your blog xxox

  5. Hi Kelly, I was just looking through your blog and saw this post. Big Smoke from Top Shop is one of my favourite colours, I wear 2 coats and it lasts me ages, I've had loads of nice comments on it too. I've also got a Rose Royce (a fuschia pink) from Top Shop but it's much thinner and doesn't last as long. I'm loving your blog and youtube vids too, keep blogging :) xx


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