Friday, 28 May 2010

Revlon Photoready Foundation Review

*warning this will be a picture heavy post of yours truly*

So I thought it was about time I gave you my two cents on the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation.
Before I start I've had this foundation for around 6 weeks now, so its fair to say I've used it enough to give a fair review. I also wanted to wait until the initial hype around the product died down abit before I wrote this post. We all know how it can sometimes get to be flooded with lots of posts about the same product.

I'm already a big fan of Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, so was very excited to give this particular product a whirl.

The PhotoReady foundation has nice packaging and comes with a pump action which is nice, something the ColourStay lacks.


After a huge deliberation over which colour I thought I needed, I decided on Nude and left Boots a happy customer. However the next day when I wore the foundation out of the house I realised it was slightly too dark for me. Nothing major, but still it was too dark.
The following pics are with me wearing the slightly too dark foundation... you may be surprised when you see them.


Funny Picture - please dont take this seriously lol.


So despite having the wrong *slightly too dark* foundation on, I still look like Casper. You cant deny the fact that though it really does photograph pretty well. I say this because I do have problem skin and to look at my skin in these photos, you would not think this was the case, however the foundation does make my skin appear extremely pale. Also no "beauty shot" or fancy picture modes were used to take any of these photos. So in terms of the "Photo Ready" aspect of the product, it definitely gets a big thumbs up.

Alot of bloggers have commented about the sparkles within the foundation. Now in my opinion you can only see these if you literally scrutinise the skin in the sun light, in reality its almost undetectable. However I very luckily managed to capture a half decent picture actually showing the spakles. Excuse the massive nostril close up, if you look above my top lip you can definitely see the sparkliness.


I'm not sure if this Cullen-esque effect is a good or bad thing? lol ;)

So I like the formulation of the foundation, the coverage, and I suppose it lasts a decent length of time, plus the fact that it photographs well, however Im still stuck with a foundation thats the wrong shade. Now this product is over £10, and to be totally frank I wasn't willing to go out and buy another bottle straight away. Cue the lovely Cammie.
Cammie saw my dilemma on Twitter and promptly offered to send me a bottle of the foundation in the shade Vanilla as she didn't like it. Fantastic I thought. However when I tried it it was too pale!! So its safe to say I'm the shade in between Vanilla and Nude which is Shell I believe.

So I have resorted to mixing the 2 foundations together in order not to waste them.
Here are the 2 foundations side by side to show the difference in colour.


(Vanilla on the Left, Nude on the Right)

And here is what it photographs like when mixed on the skin. I still think it looks quite nice.

Here with no flash.


And here with flash.


Overall its a nice foundation. Overhyped? Definitely. Would I purchase again? Probably not. The one thing i most definitely don't like is if you do have uneven spotty oily or dry or whatever skin and you apply too much of this product it will sit on top of the skin. If you get overly oily throughout the day, it will also most probably melt away into nothing. However the pros of this foundation are it provides a decent level of coverage, photographs nicely, has a pump application, doesn't smell which is an issue with Colour Stay, and finally it doesn't break my skin out. Something else I should probably mention as well is the fact that whenever I wear this foundation i get compliments on my skin, specifically my boyfriend says "Your skin looks nice today" :)

So there you have it. Next on my hit list is Nars Sheer Glow foundation, now I just have to part with the £28 to get it *purse screams in protest*




  1. Fab review Kelly :) I've not done mine yet because I still don't quite know how I feel about it! You look gorgeous in all of these pics by the way :) xxx

  2. Your skin looks lovely and flawless. I've been wanting to try this for a while and you've just convinced me! x

  3. hi there, I tried PHotoready in Boots and was very uncomfortable with the sparkle. I thought it was very visible and I have oily skin and many agreed that it's not great for that particular skin type. Don't waste your money on the sheer glow. I have it and it's the most over-hyped product of the century in awful packaging (the lid over-screws (is that a word??) so you never know if it's actually closed)!!

  4. Fab review Kelly - I want your skin :)

  5. Great review I love this foundation it's amazing :)

  6. You're looking lovely in these photos Kelly :) xo

  7. Great Review! I've always been tempted to try photo-ready as i love colourstay. I'm in two minds now, and will probably try and get hold of a sample size before i fork out to buy an acutual size bottle!
    I also really want to try NARS Sheer Glow, so many fantastic reviews but then everyone has different results :) xxx

  8. Thanks for this post, I was THIS close to buying this foundation but I'll probably give it a miss now. Or at least give it a good try in the shop and see how I get on!
    Definitely makes your skin look perfect. xx

  9. Stellar review! I couldn't tell that your shade was too dark by looking at those photos!


  10. I'm not sure if i should try this, i think your skin looks amazing in the photos! Would you say it's better than colourstay? xo


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