Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Not so Simple....

Why, Why, Why is nothing ever "Simple"?



Yep, you guessed it the Simple SkinCare was a big fat fail.

I only actually used this range of products the once. That was enough. Unfortunately it seems I have developed somewhat extremely Sensitive Skin.
The Simple Skin Care Range made me break out, but most importantly made my skin break out in what I can only describe as "under the skin bumps." I probably thought it looked and felt worse than it actually did, but still it wasn't great.

So its back to the drawing board. What's strange is that as a Teen I never had a problem at all with my skin, if anything I had dry skin. Now it is ridiculously sensitive, and its difficult to judge how it will react.
I thought the Simple would be mild enough but alas it wasn't. I understand that different things work for different people, so not everyone will have the same reaction as me to the Simple Routine.

What are you're experiences of Simple Skin Care? Also if you too are plagued with Sensitive Skin Woes, what skin care products do you use? Or will we forever be on this eternal quest to find the perfect products?




  1. The Simple wipes made me react in a way that I have never experienced - tiny little bumps all over my skin. It was horrendous. Have on idea what the ingredient is that caused it but I steer well clear. Simple - too good to be true. That should be their new motto! :)

  2. I use the nude cleansing oil day and night, followed by skinceuticals b5 moisturising gel then in the daytime i use Guinot 'hydrasensitive' moisturiser and at night i'm using chantecaille retinol intense (samples!as it's so bloody expensive) soon to be using Lumecin instead!

    That mypure serum thing has made me break out though :( NOT HAPPY xx also - i despise simple products except their face wipes! xx

  3. My facial skin is very resiliant. It can put up with pretty much anything. I used to love the Simple range, still use their toner, but haven't used any other products since i was about 15.

  4. I really like the simple skincare range, it works well for me. I have most of the range, I just need the facial wash and scrub which I will be buying soon!

  5. Simple have such a bad rep, probably a good thing you only used it once eh!
    I used to have trouble free skin as a young teen too but recently my skin has gone crazy (under the skin spots galore on my chin!) - I've just started using Cetaphil and it's really great :) I recommend a fuss-free skincare routine. Something gentle! xxx

  6. Suppose everyones skin is different. As I bought a fe items from the new range a few months ago and actually just ran out a few days ago and I think my skin is looking so much better!! Planning to go buy some more at the weekend!!

    But if we were all the same it would be boring :D x

  7. I saw your tweet about this range and it really put me off. Actually when I looked at the ingredients on the products I was shocked at some of the chemical sounding things, simple is not quite so simple me thinks! I agree with lydia, try cetaphil, it's amazing, both the cleanser and moisturiser, you have to get them online but so worth it, and they last forever! xx

  8. Simple, not so simple as you say. I've used the wipes before and found I got breakouts, and also the moisturiser is the heaviest stuff going. Left my skin feeling really greasy.

    I've been using the Sainsburys skincare range, not only cheap but really kind to the skin. Hasn't caused me problems and I've got sensitive skin.

    X x

  9. clinique 3 step all the way pricy but thoroughly worth it :D x

  10. I use simple along with a few other products and find it fine. I have sensitive skin sometimes too. It's the only hing some of my friends can use. I think with skincare its important to try it a few times as sometimes it looks like its causing spots but it is actually getting impurities out from deep down. Also the monthly cycle affects skin and can make it break out/more oily at certain times. Hope your skin settles down soon! Its no fun having spots :(

  11. I've just the rich moisturiser in the past and I quite liked it. The eye make-up remover however was the worst thing I've ever used! Made my eyes sting, and hardly removed any of my make-up. Like you, I used it once and I'll never touch it again. xo

  12. I just stick with Loreal Cleansing wipes and that literally is my routine! I also found the Simple range too good to be true - the break out was nothing that i have seen on my skin before - very similar to both you and Laura's reactions.

  13. I can't use Simple skincare anymore- it made my skin totally dry out which is when I know a product doesn't work for me. Liz Earle's products are all working a treat though! x

  14. I have really really sensitive skin, and other than clinique, Simple skincare is the only thing i can use that doesn't cause rashes, and allergic reactions.

    Although Simple doesn't have as impressive an effect as clinique that's what i would expect for the price so i'm happy with their products :)

  15. I own and use from Simple:
    Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
    Brightening Moisturiser with Mango
    Eye Makeup Remover
    Soothing Toner
    Moisturising Facial Wash

    And have used before:
    Cleansing Wipes
    Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
    Brightening Facial Wash
    Age Resisting Night Cream

    Basically, the things I don't use anymore I don't like or found a cheaper/better alternative, but none of them were that bad (I bought the wipes for ages until I realised that unfragranced baby wipes were more gentle on my skin, took makeup off better and were MUCH cheaper as they are tax free and superdrug/tesco/boots etc own brands are even cheaper and just as good)

    The eye makeup remover isn't great, but I am just using it to finish off the bottle..
    I really like the Brightening moisturiser but its a bit pricey for me at the moment, hence switched back to the replenishing Rich moisturiser. The toner again is nothing special but the bottle has literally lasted me about 2 years so I'm just trying to finish it!
    The moisturising facewash as well is really nice on my skin, just a plain foaming facewash though, nothing special.

    I've heard of others whos skin doesn't agree with Simple skincare either, but they're pretty ok for me!

  16. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with this and that it didn't work for you. I've only tried the eye makeup remover which personally I don't like as it doesn't seem to remove my mascara very well!


  17. Hi there - popped by to visit via Amy @ DGRedial. The only Simple product I use is the gentle eye make up remover, have used it for years, and although I've tried lots of other more expensive ones, I always come back to it. One of my favourite products.

  18. I had the same experience with Simple but I just kept thinking it was my skin not my skin care, when I switched to Clinique I could barely beleive how good my skin could be, Simple were a let down for me as I bought the whole range under the promise that it wouldn't irritate sensitive skin! x x x

  19. I had really oily/problem skin as a teenager but all the heavy duty products I used on my skin made it dry and sensitive as well as oiler and spottier. Eventually I went back to a very basic beauty rotine of aqueous cream and a mild facial wash from the boots essentials range and have slowly worked up to introducing new products. Now I only splash my face with water in the morning and use the Boots essntials moisturiser and at night I use the facial wash or the cleansing lotion from the range depending on the way my skin is behaving. Eg if it's particularily dry/in winter I use the cleansing lotion. And I moiturise with the aqueous cream although it can be used as a cleanser too. Maybe you have a similar situation where the products you have used have caused a reaction? I think it's a real trial and error thing though. Best of luck with it!

  20. i bought lots of simple facial products as i have eczema and very sensitve skin but they were awful and made things worse, but stangely, one of the only body moisturisors i can use and actualy see a difference in my skin from is the simple derma intensive relief lotion so must be a big difference in the ingrediants of the ranges xx

  21. Simple's a bitch, simple as. My friend and I both agree that it makes our skin 100x worse, and neither of us have 'problem'/sensitive skin. This causes problems for so many people; I've read many a rant x


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