Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Smokers Nails...

Remember when I purchased Rimmel Beige Style last week, well last night I gave it a whirl and...

Its not awful but its not great - the colour comes across on the nails as almost like a smokers nail colour - or more specifically like my Nanna's nails used to look like :/

However this polish was beautiful in every way in terms of the application. The brush is absolutely amazing. One coat covered well with absolutely no streaks. It dried super fast and as yet hasn't chipped whatsoever.

But unfortunately the colour just isn't doing it for me... I don't hate it by any means, but its not a firm favourite.

I will definitely be buying more of these polishes, because it really is brilliant in terms of the application and consistency.



  1. Oooh! Might try another color from this line!

  2. that colour is so... blah..
    lol x

  3. It comes across nicely in the pic!
    the only one of those polishes i have though, is terrible, it went gloppy so quickly, its good to hear the formula worked for you! xx

  4. maybe put it over a white base to get more of a nude colour? xxxx

  5. I love this colour, but I always do at least 2 coats, it then looks totally different. xx

  6. Grate colour.

    Ive nominated u for an ward on my blog.


  7. I liked the colour when I first bought it, but now I can see what you mean about it not having great coverage. Maybe it's just the lighting in my picture that makes it look a bit better...

    Although I haven't worn it since. I've got my eyes on the new Barry M pastel shades at the moment :) xx

  8. I have this colour and really like it, maybe try using more coats to get an opaque colour. I am very pale though so on me it is darker than my skintone, maybe that makes a difference? xx

  9. I brought this thinking it would be a nice nude polish and I was also mega dissapointed.. it felt like i hadnt washed my nails, but your description of them looking like smokers fingers fits it well. Its the type of colour that you put on, have a think, and then take off.. however, the brush was SO GOOD!!! Might try the other colours, i forgot how good the brush was!

  10. Love how the polish is easy to apply, though not sure about that colour either...

  11. Not crazy about the color..i think my skin is too pale. But I've always been a fan of Wet 'N Wild for durability. I will have to try out a Rimmel nail polish.


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