Sunday, 28 February 2010

Remember Me?

After a weekend of Dissertation Writing *yadda yadda* I fancied a bit of light relief, what better way than updating my blog?

I thought I'd brighten up my evening by sharing a few things that I'm loving at the minute :)

My hair colour of choice at the moment - Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in 713 Iced Latte.

This is akin to my natural; hair colour and covers nicely until I've managed to grow all of my bleached locks out! Can I also just note that after not being blonde for months now I can safely say I wont be returning to peroxide again. At first I longed to be blonde again but after the initial "I hate my hair" phase I really love my natural colour - most will say I look better blonde - hell maybe I would agree with them, but its just not worth the time money and damage :) Natural Locks For the Win!!

Marina and The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

This is possibly up there with my favourite albums and I've only had it a day! I know!! For me this album ticks all of the boxes, the lyrics are beautiful, the songs are very catchy and perfect sing a long material. I highly recommend you grab this album! Particular favourites are Are you Satisfied, I am not a Robot, Obsessions, Hollywood, Mowglies Road, Oh No... Yeah pretty much the entire album haha!

Bourjois 10 hour Sleep Effect Foundation

I've been using this foundation for a few weeks now after seeing Bubblegarm wearing it on her blog. I really like the effect this foundations gives on the skin, granted its not full coverage but I fancied something a little bit lighter after wearing Revlon Colorstay for months. I'm looking forward to trying the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which I intend on picking up on payday ;)

I'm also adoring fashion and photography blogs of late a couple of my favourites are Dont Dance Naked and Hello Nikki - I'm hoping to get a DSLR for my birthday next week so I can start taking pretty pictures of my own :)


Hope you've had a great weekend!

Muchos Love xoxo


  1. Kelly what shade do you use for the Bourjois foundation?
    I use the same MAC and Revlon ColorStay shades as you so should be similar for Bourjois! :)

  2. so glad ur back!
    i follow ur blog and ur youtube vids.
    your a inspiration keep up the gd work


  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I think your hair looks really nice that colour! :)
    Just watched your random facts video and thought your hair looked great.

  4. I LOVE your hair darker. It looked lovely blonde too but I much prefer your natural locks. Great to see you back my lovely xx

  5. Ive been wanting to try the bourjois foundation myself and you have convinced me it could be the foundation for me. Could you review the new healthy mix when you get it?

  6. Aah so glad your back! I was beginning to miss your posts. Laavly hair :) Sounds like you're working hard, I admire your commitment xxx

  7. Loving your blog and definitely following it! Going to check those fashion blogs you recommended! :) XOXO and happy friday!

  8. I went to see Marina and The Diamonds live last week :) she was so so good. She has sooo many great songs.

    Fee x


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