Thursday, 17 December 2009

Virgin Vie….



A few weeks ago I was invited to a Virgin Vie at Home Party. I was a bit dubious to be honest as I’ve never been to anything like it before, and from what I’d already seen of the products I thought they were over priced.
The actual party itself was ok apart from the “talk” at the start, which involved the consultant talking at us for what felt like forever. After that we got to look at the products and try a few bits.
I bought a couple of things, mainly because I felt obliged to be honest but I picked up a concealer palette and an eye shadow quad.
The “Correct and Perfect” concealer is one of these that works on the principles of the colour wheel using opposite colours to cancel each other out. Nice concept but not so nice coverage. It feels almost greasy and very thin in consistency, and provides no where near enough coverage for me. Also quite pricey at £10.00
The eye shadow quad is not too bad, the colours are nice and they last ok throughout the day without too much creasing. However I hate the packaging if I’m honest. Its just…. blue…and cardboard. This also cost £10.00, I’ve used it twice since I got it :/
I think these products are ok, but overpriced for what they are, I would much rather spend my time perusing boots and picking up a couple of gems in there :)
Have you tried any Virgin Vie products? Am I missing out on any hidden gems, or is this as good as it gets?


  1. I've been to one of those parties and she wasn't really up with product knowlegde or know if their products were tested on animals :/ i didn't buy because i am not a fan of their products & whenever i go to Meadowhall i may take one look in the shop and be out again... I don't know what it is but i don't really care for the brand

  2. Should try the one step face base!!

  3. I've never tried Virgin Vie but I never seem drawn to any of their products when I've seen them on the net etc xxx

  4. My friend is a rep and she hardly uses anything but Virgin Vie. I've had bits and pieces through her and my mum only uses their foundations. Their illuminating stick thing - I can't think what it's called - is meant to be a dupe for Touch Eclate. It reminds me of a 'mum' kind of make up - or make up for someone older than our age, if you know what I mean?

    Carla x

  5. my mum used the one step face base for years, its a really good product.

  6. they have a circular blue palette of highlighter type powders which is amazzzzinnggg

    and their skin care is good


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