Sunday, 6 December 2009

Remington Style Therapy – Wet2Straight Slim Straightener Review.

Here is my two cents on the new wet2straight straighteners by  Remington.
I owned a pair of these when they first came out about 3 years ago. To be totally honest I didn’t really rate them then, so when I was asked to review them, I wondered how much they have improved since the original ones.
I should say I will not be able to review the wet2straight aspect of these straighteners. As many of you know I had a huge hair trauma not so long ago, and subsequently have to avoid heat treatment as much as possible. Therefore using 230 degree heat on my wet hair is just not an option.
I can however review the straightener aspect of them and whether the design has improved.
  1. Quick Heat up – Approximately 15 seconds
  2. Adjustable Heat Control and wide temperature range from 150-230 degrees
  3. Comes with Heat Proof Pouch for Storage
  4. The ceramic plates are longer in length than other straighteners I’ve used
  5. They come with a 5 year guarantee – that's pretty amazing!
  6. The actual cosmetic design is a million times better than the previous ones – lovely purple colour and digital display
  7. Can be used just as a straightener
  1. Unfortunately for me, I think the entire concept is fundamentally flawed from the word go. Using heat from 150-230 degrees on wet hair is an absolute no no, well it is for me anyway. It follows though that you don’t have to use the steam part, you can just use them as straighteners, but doesn’t this flaw the entire purpose of the product in the first place?
  2. The curved design on the top handle is really rather tricky to get used to at first. I’m not entirely sure why its curved if I’m honest?
On a final note, I have used the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners for approximately 2 years now and I think they are fantastic, if I was to recommend which style of Remington straighteners to go for – purely from  a straightener aspect though, I would say the Shine Therapy win hands down.
Hope this has been useful :)


  1. Great review, i also used to have a pair of wet to dry but they just ruined my hair. My parents have brought me the shine therapy straighteners for christmas, so i'm glad people think there good :)x

  2. Hi hun :)
    I nominated you for an award.

  3. I was sent these, yikes i need to review them. I felt the same way, using it on wet hair is like torture to your hair..thats what it felt like to me anyways. I like the curved handle though, makes curling SO much easier :) x

  4. Hi! I have this straightener, actually, and I love it for straightening.......DRY HAIR! I was surprised to see a review, since I thought it wasn't as cool as a CHI or GHD, but I do like it for the flatteing...but I would never EVER use it on wet hair.

    What a bad selling point!

    Love your blog/vids :)


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