Wednesday, 30 December 2009

“Grown Up” Pink Nail Polish

I love this Nail Polish by NYC. I only own a couple of polishes by this particular brand  and I bought this one a while ago, although I do intend on buying more :)

This is “NYC In a New York Color Minute” in the shade Uptown and its what I like to call my grown up pink, imagine what Barbie’s nails would look like on a chill out day. Its not too bright or bubblegum, but still a gorgeous pink shade.
This polish goes on nicely, lasts reasonably well and is cheap as chips! (If I remember it was about £2 ish) Everything a girl could ask for in a nail polish! :)
Have you tried any nail polishes buy NYC?

Friday, 18 December 2009

In and Out

Havn't done one of these for ages!! So whats in and whats out??
Its only 7 sleeps till Christmas Woohoo!!
My hair being nearly long enough to tie up!
Watching Home Alone 2 amongst other festive movies

Coming in from the cold and having a nice hot cup of tea
Blagging a MOT for Life card from the car dealership I bought my car from... you guessed it, I get free MOT's for as long as I own the car :)

University... Is it over yet?
The Snow - bit of a double edged sword this one, I love the snow, its so pretty, but for some reason the entire country seems to come to a halt whenever it snows!
My pumps leaking = soggy feet booo!
Spending £24 on Estee Lauder Double Wear and still prefering my Revlon Colourstay. Will be doing a review soon!
Thats it for outs I think!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Virgin Vie….



A few weeks ago I was invited to a Virgin Vie at Home Party. I was a bit dubious to be honest as I’ve never been to anything like it before, and from what I’d already seen of the products I thought they were over priced.
The actual party itself was ok apart from the “talk” at the start, which involved the consultant talking at us for what felt like forever. After that we got to look at the products and try a few bits.
I bought a couple of things, mainly because I felt obliged to be honest but I picked up a concealer palette and an eye shadow quad.
The “Correct and Perfect” concealer is one of these that works on the principles of the colour wheel using opposite colours to cancel each other out. Nice concept but not so nice coverage. It feels almost greasy and very thin in consistency, and provides no where near enough coverage for me. Also quite pricey at £10.00
The eye shadow quad is not too bad, the colours are nice and they last ok throughout the day without too much creasing. However I hate the packaging if I’m honest. Its just…. blue…and cardboard. This also cost £10.00, I’ve used it twice since I got it :/
I think these products are ok, but overpriced for what they are, I would much rather spend my time perusing boots and picking up a couple of gems in there :)
Have you tried any Virgin Vie products? Am I missing out on any hidden gems, or is this as good as it gets?

Friday, 11 December 2009

Aussie Girls Night Out – Manchester!!

You always know you’ve had a good night when you wake up in the morning with a banging headache and several photos on your camera you cant quite remember taking. Last night was a prime example of this.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aussie Girls Night Out Party in Manchester last night. I don’t often get opportunities to go out drinking that often, so when the lovely Nicola invited me to go along I said yes straight away.

I havn’t previously been involved with the Aussie Campaign, but wowee what a way to get on the wagon. Last night was genuinely not only by far the best Bloggers Event I’ve attended, but it was the best night out me and Karen have had for a long time.

The party was held at The Hula Bar and Tiki Lounge in Manchester,  which was a little tricky to find considering Karen and I have only ever been to Manchester once haha!  After walking around trying to use my satnav on my iphone  for an hour and asking several passers by we finally found it. Then the fun really began.

We were the first to arrive and were greeted my the gorgeous people at 1000 Heads, Lisa, Lauren and Emma. The evening started with champers, but I’m not a huge fan so proceeded straight to the raspberry vodka and lemonade complete with a real raspberry! Shortly after lots of other girls arrived and the amazing Lina from Illamasqua arrived to do our make up (she was also at the Illamasqua Event) We got false lashes the works. I absolutely loved what she did with everyone’s make up, she was lovely to chat to and super talented.

SDC11405 The gorgeous Lina chatting to Sinead!

Not long after this Simon the butler arrived, dressed in a lifeguard get up he did a fabulous job of supplying us with cocktails and shots ALL night. I kid you not girls I’m not quite sure how I managed to drink so much! There was also a magician who was completely freaking everyone out with his crazy skills! Pulling cards out of his mouth?? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about haha!

SDC11407 Simon our Butler for the evening!

The cocktails were also out of this world, I’ve never seen anything like it! By the end of the night I was sat hugging a barrel and drinking it to myself haha.


Volcano Cocktail, yes that’s right its a cocktail!!


Another Coctail in the form of a Barrell and some yummy nibbles


Yep… More Cocktails!!



It true Kelanjo style we were the first to arrive and the last to leave. I met so many amazing girls who I maybe wouldn’t have had the chance to speak to and get to know if it had been a larger event, or maybe based in a different location. Everyone was truly lovely, and the focus was on bloggers having a nice time, chilling out and getting to know each other. There was no product pushing of any sort, we received a cute vanity case with a few bits and bobs in, and there was just a real feeling of having a “Girls Night Out!”

SDC11392 Pheobe, Karen, Me.

SDC11393 Me and the lovely Lauren from 1000Heads

SDC11397Phoebe, Emma from 1000Heads and Me.

SDC11409 Phoebe, Me and Kat.

SDC11410 The gorgeous Lisa from 1000Heads, Sinead, Me and Briony.

SDC11404 Evidence of the food/cocktails/shots we left behind haha!

So in the end Me, Karen, Kat and her fella Mark left and went our separate ways, Karen and I staggered to the train station (at this point  may I add we had absolutely no idea where the hell we were going) and tried to find our boyfriends who had come to pick us up thank god. However once we actually got to the station, it took us a further 25 minutes to find them, and in the end up it was a lovely police man that helped us to track them down. Oh lordy it was so funny!!

I finally got home at around 2am and proceeded straight to bed. This morning once I came round a bit I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Karen remembering how amazing the whole night was. Thankfully I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself…  I hope ;) and as I type I’ m sat in bed nursing a terrible hang over thinking what a brilliant night.

I really hope there are more events like this, it was absolute perfection!



Sunday, 6 December 2009

Remington Style Therapy – Wet2Straight Slim Straightener Review.

Here is my two cents on the new wet2straight straighteners by  Remington.
I owned a pair of these when they first came out about 3 years ago. To be totally honest I didn’t really rate them then, so when I was asked to review them, I wondered how much they have improved since the original ones.
I should say I will not be able to review the wet2straight aspect of these straighteners. As many of you know I had a huge hair trauma not so long ago, and subsequently have to avoid heat treatment as much as possible. Therefore using 230 degree heat on my wet hair is just not an option.
I can however review the straightener aspect of them and whether the design has improved.
  1. Quick Heat up – Approximately 15 seconds
  2. Adjustable Heat Control and wide temperature range from 150-230 degrees
  3. Comes with Heat Proof Pouch for Storage
  4. The ceramic plates are longer in length than other straighteners I’ve used
  5. They come with a 5 year guarantee – that's pretty amazing!
  6. The actual cosmetic design is a million times better than the previous ones – lovely purple colour and digital display
  7. Can be used just as a straightener
  1. Unfortunately for me, I think the entire concept is fundamentally flawed from the word go. Using heat from 150-230 degrees on wet hair is an absolute no no, well it is for me anyway. It follows though that you don’t have to use the steam part, you can just use them as straighteners, but doesn’t this flaw the entire purpose of the product in the first place?
  2. The curved design on the top handle is really rather tricky to get used to at first. I’m not entirely sure why its curved if I’m honest?
On a final note, I have used the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners for approximately 2 years now and I think they are fantastic, if I was to recommend which style of Remington straighteners to go for – purely from  a straightener aspect though, I would say the Shine Therapy win hands down.
Hope this has been useful :)
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