Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a way to go!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... I go and drop my iphone in my cup of tea!!
I kid you not, i dropped my entire phone into my brew! It sounds hilarious but in reality its not so funny.

I'm now stuck with a 24 month contract with no iphone, and Apple will not repair an iphone with liquid damage. It wouldn't matter anyway because I have no insurance but just so any iphone users know - any liquid damage whatsoever automatically voids any warranty you may have - even the paid for Apple Care.
I have lost all of my numbers, photos etc and I am left with only limited options.

I can buy a new iphone which will cost between £300 - £400. So really this is not an option at all because there will never be a day Im willing to spend that amount of money on a phone.

I can try and use the sim in my blackberry and add a "bolt on" so i can use it in the blackberry. The only issue is Im trying to do this as I type, and because the blackberry is a business phone, its on BT and is therefore rejecting the o2 sim card.

I can get another contract phone.. one that isnt such a long contract

I can buy a cheap phone and try use the sim in that with a bolt on, but this would be very difficult going from using a smart phone to a standard phone.

I can get another iphone contract.

I am reluctant to get another iphone however because of what's happened. I have had several problems and although this is my fault and I can fully accept that - i think the whole completely void warranty is a little harsh, especially if you pay for extra warranty.

Im trying to stay composed but its proving difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I have read to put in a sealed container with rice and leave it for 3 days so I have done that, but there is no way I can go without a phone for 3 days. Its just not going to happen!!

Typical Me, no i didnt drop in down the loo, in the bath or in the sink... I dropped it in my cup of tea hahaha!! You know how much I love my tea!! At least it went in a good way :)



  1. Aww im sorry to hear about your phone hun :( Apple are like the worst! If you have purchased the extra apple warranty then surely it should cover you when accidents happen.

    Could you not try and ring up and cancel your contract? You would probably have to pay some money to have it cancelled but it might be less than finishing off paying your 24 month contract if you understand? & then you can always get another contract?

    Even with a serious issue like this you always cease to make me laugh and smile! You always see the positive from all situations and i love that!

    Sorry i couldnt of been more help to you hun!

    <3 xox

  2. Wow... dont know what to say :( you must be absoulutely gutted! Think I would have just been staring at my brew in shock with it in.. thinking "no that just hasn't happened".


  3. I've managed to drop two phones down the toilet!
    you can get aa brand new iphone of ebay for £200, or get the blackberry unlocked for about £20

  4. Someone close to me dropped their phone in the sea, and a similar thing happened. He got a new one (PAYG emmergecy simple one), but we took the phone apart and put all the pieces on a towel on a radiator for a few days. The hey presto, it worked.

    You need to get it really really dry as any moisture (even a little bit) with short out the contacts in the phone and stop it from working properly. I have a lot of hope that you can resurrect it as Salt Water is more conductive to electricity than Tea, and if the sea water phone is fixed.. then *fingers crossed*.

    Rice, yeah sucks up moiture (water droplets).. If you have any of those little packets of silica gel than come when you buy shoes or bag then I would put them in there too. Dismantle the phone as much as you can, maybe put it in the airing cupboard too as the heat will help the water evaporate.

    Don't turn it on for at least 3 days either as you may short the phone out and damage it forever.
    A specialist might be able to get the info off it though as it might just be the hardware that is corrupted, not the hard-drive.

    I hope that helps, email me through my blog if you want me to explain anything in that! Sorry its a bit rambly!!
    Good Luck!
    Emma :)

  5. Awwww is it like completely broke? I've heard things like if you stick phones in a bowl of dry rice etc then it can dry it out and bring it back to life. x

  6. Try using a cheapy phone and allow the Iphone enough time to dry out. I'm not too keen on the iphone/touchscreen phones, my sister and bf have one, but i prefer pushing buttons ;) hehe. I'm due a renewal of my contract in a few months, mines an 18month one, hate waiting that long!!! Hope you get it sorted soon x

  7. oh no, so sorry to hear :( xoxo

  8. wow that really isnt good! but i'm liking the tips people are giving you! will have to remember it for next time i drop mine in the sink :/

    hope it all works out for you sweet!! xx

  9. oh my gosh.. kelly! you aren't having such a good ride at the moment are you?

    on a night out i was worse for wear, and dropped my phone into a glass of water. luckily it wasn't a really expensive phone.

    can you pay for apple to repair the water damage? might cost a lot but probably cheaper than buying a whole new phone?

    try ebay - how much do they go for on there?


  10. Oh no!! Here's a tip: Put your iphone into a zip-lock bag filled with silica beads - it will absorb the liquid from your phone. Silica beads are found in those little packets you get in coats, purses, shoes, etc. So just find as many of those as you can, cut them open and dump the beads into a ziplock bag, then put your iphone in. Change the beads and try it a couple of times and see if that cures it.
    Next time you're shopping, collect the silica beads from your purchases and keep them on hand in case of future electronic vs. tea disastors!

    Goodluck! Let us know what you end up doing :)

  11. sorry, just realized someone ahead of me made the same recommendation. anyway, goodluck!

  12. This happened to me , my phone got water damage .. dropped it down the loo !!!! i was not happy , but i stuck it in the airing cupboard , kid u not after 3 hours it was coming back to life, i left it their over night and then stuck it on the radiator for half of the next day and my phone was back to normal :) x

  13. Defo try out Computer Girl's method, I was also away to suggest that. Or have you tried claiming on your house insurance?

    Totally gutted for you, my OH's totally died yesterday, wouldn't come back on what-so-ever.

  14. The same thing happened to me except mine fell down the loo!!! O2 were absolutely no use to me whatsoever. I rang apple customer care 0844 209 0611 and they were brilliant. They actually do replace water damaged phones. They posted me out a box and I put the phone in it minus the sim and the posted me out a brand new one within a week. It is a set fee and they will either repair or replace your phone. I had no insurance either and an 18 month contract. So give them a call and they will sort you out. It cost me about €180 I think it was around £130. Another option is to claim on your house insurance - they are covered under contents! Hope this was of some help!!

  15. you could get your blackberry unlocked so your 02 sim works in it :) xx

  16. Yeah at least it went in a delicious brew. God hunni how did you aim it so precisely? haha. awww cant you unlock the blackberry? i once had a phone unlocked so it would take a different sim card and it only cost a tenner. God it's so annoying to not be able to get a replacement. i just signed a two year contract with t mobile so I could have a Satio. God I hope I dont lose it or drop it in my brew.

  17. let it dry out then go in and say i dont know why but the phone isnt working. replace it now! my friend helen went to apple in manchester other week and they replaced hers x

  18. hey... it will be ok! don't turn it on if you haven't already then take the battery off & dry it out in the hot water cylinder over a couple of days or in a sunny spot - then once it is bone dry... turn it on while it is charging & fingers crossed it'l be sweet! this worked for me when i dropped my phone in my pumpkin soup!!

  19. Yikes, sorry for what happened to your iPhone!! Hopefully it will miraculously 'fix itself up' LOL

    I really have none advice since I don't own a cell [Yes, I'm slow lol] but good luck with whatever you plan to do!

    Follow me?

  20. i did the exact same thing with my samsung tocco.. except i was drunk and it fell into a vodka and coke! :( i just kept the contract an used my old phone.. thats all i could think to do..without spending more money.. you could try getting the blackberry unlocked? normally costs about £10? x

  21. If it can't be fixed, or claimed for then see how much you will get for it on Mazuma Mobile. I have sold them a few broken phones.


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