Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Summary

Its that time of the week again :) Here's my Sunday Summary!

1. Rejoining Twitter and getting to chat with the lovely people I missed whilst I was away. Life's too short thats what I say, my break away did me some good :) This time round Im going to make sure I dont get addicted though ;)

2. Huge clean up of my bedroom today :) Tidy Room Tidy Mind thats what I say!

3. Drunken Harry Potter Cluedo on Saturday Night :) Yeah you heard right, we had a mean game of Harry Potter Cluedo and Cranium on Saturday Night, paired with raspberry vodka = good times :)

4. Buried the hatchett and made friends with Adams Mum. We had a fall out a while ago and this week I made the effort to make amends, thanks to my new positive attitude :) I'm glad I did, feels great!

5. Listening to Paulo Nutini's Pencil Full of Lead amongst other "happy" songs :) Nothing changes my mood like music can!

How has your week been? Would love to here 5 great things from your week!

Thats all for now lovers!



  1. love this post! may have to steal it! glad you are back on form kel. xxx

  2. Ohh I love Paulo Nutini, he has such amazing music!!
    I loveeeeee boardgame nights, they are so much fun, espec. teamed with a few cocktails :)

  3. Ah harry potter cluedo sounds so good! Can't beat a good board game! The positive thinking seems like it's really working for you. :) xo

  4. Ooh raspberry vodka - my fave!! Love your happy stuff this week xx

  5. Aw you've made me feel all positive now after a horrendous start to the week! :) xx

  6. i have been really miserable about my decorator going m.i.a back in August and leaving me without a kitchen floor, a worktop, spot for a new cooker, etc. I decided to do something about it yesterday afternoon and I finished grouting the mosaic tiles on the walls myself. Was super hard work but it looks so much nicer already! Will try to do some other bits and pieces around the house myself now instead of waiting for her to come back online! x


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