Friday, 6 November 2009

Need your roots doing?

Any DIY blondes out there that need your roots doing, I have a couple of hair dyes spare from when I attempted to bleach my own locks! I never used them so I’m giving them away to someone who will put them to good use!
091106-152004 Clairol Perfect 10 in Light Ash Blonde
091106-152058 Loreal Recital Preference in 01 Lightest Natural Blonde
Leave a comment below saying which one you want and I will randomly pick a winner for each of the dyes :)
No entries after 6pm please! Sorry UK only as I cant afford to post internationally!


  1. LOL I had to do a double take on the second photo as I though it was your head. I'm a brunett so I'll give this a miss but a very generous idea! :) Hope your phone is getting better :)Emma

  2. the lightest natural blonde would be fab haha :) first give away il try :) your hair looks awesome brown... once my hair decides to grow at least shoulder length il be going darker hehe x

  3. My mum would love the Perfect 10 one as the credit crunch means shes had to be dying her hair at home.. much to her dismay! xx

  4. @pinksealight its yours kelly :) <3

    @beautiful_disaster-3 its yours! your mums root problems are fixed ;)

    Email me your addresses to and I will send them out next week!


  5. Ohhh what a lovely thing to do giving away your hair dye that you no longer need Kelly (:
    I got my barry M bronzer today :) Its lush, thank you very much1 I havent got your text though :( Need to sort that one out.


  6. OOh! Such a nice giveaway from you. I'm not in UK and I'm not blonde so I won't enter =P But good luck to those who are entering!

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