Monday, 16 November 2009

Fancy a bit of Chanel in your life?... Kind of :)

I've always fancied myself looking down at my wrist and seeing a Chanel J12 Watch. As lovely as this would be, I very much doubt it will ever be a reality due to its heavy price tag.

Cue good old Argos and Sekonda :)

I found these little beauties a few months ago and purchased the white one first. I also know a few other bloggers who have this watch. Well last week I went and bought myself the black one too because I love them so much :) The resemblance really is uncanny, and I am more than happy to have this until the day comes I have a real one. Hell I suppose I don't even need the real thing now I've got these bad boys!

Sorry for the rubbish photo - I used my iphone to take it.

They cost £19.99 each is a currently an offer on too, where you can buy one and get one for half price! Even better so you can get yourself one of each colour, and Argos will even remove links for you if its required - for free! Good Times!!

I can't recommend these watches enough :) You get the lovely look of the Chanel Watches without breaking the bank!



  1. I have the white sekonda!
    & your right, the resemblance is unreal!
    & there so cheap.
    Im thinking about getting the black too..
    Great post :)

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing that! I don't think I could get a Chanel watch for a while, great dupe though! :) Emma

  3. I too have a *ahem* fake J12 but haven't worn it since I saw Jane McDonald wearing one on Loose Women lol! I do still love it though :) xx

  4. @Jo haha i remember seeing her wearing one on loose women too! A few girls on Twitter were talking about it too lol I remember!! Oh well :) xoxo

  5. Loving the post!!
    think i will be putting these babies on my xmas list lol


  6. Hi, I have the chanel j12 watch! I love it , it is my dad got it for me...untill then I didn't even now how fancy and expensive it is!

  7. Oooh me likey the white one. Me likey the Chanel one too, but I haven't got Chanel money at the mo! lol xx

  8. You're a star! I've been coveting a J12 forever! Am so stopping at Argos this weekend! Yay!!!!!!!!!! x

  9. I got a very similar one from argos for a tenner!! Its by 'identity', I love it! Bloody bargain!! xx


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