Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I just sussed out what is causing my problems – The Depo Provera Injection.

Fore warning - This is going to be a long post, and I can not guarantee that all of the information is medically 100% correct, as it is information I have found on the internet and is obviously not as reliable as going to a GP. Also I am fully aware that different things effect people differently.


Excuse Cheesy Photo haha

When I was younger I was on the Depo Provera Contraceptive Injection for a couple of years. From what I can remember, I had no side effects.

So when I restarted the injection around 4 years ago after a spell of trying different contraceptives, I assumed like before I would have no side effects, I also didn’t think to do any research on the drug as I hadn't had problems previously.

As many of you know, I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time. Over the past 12 months I have found it incredibly difficult to lose weight despite eating healthily and exercising. I’ve  not always been perfect, but I’ve slowly gained nearly 20lbs over this 12 month period.

This was the first thing that started to ring alarm bells with me about the depo. I however dismissed it and thought I didn't have problems when younger, I actually lost 30lbs over the first 2 years I was on it thanks to diet and exercise, so it couldn’t be that.

After several thyroid tests etc there was still no reason I should be finding it so difficult to lose weight.

Roll on my Acne. Until the age of around 18 I had perfect skin. That may sound slightly big headed but no joke all through my teens I NEVER had spots. Ever. All of a sudden I hit 18 and develop Acne? Again I dismissed the fact it could be the Depo, as I’d been on it before. It wasn’t until a meeting with my GP a couple of months ago that I discovered the most likely cause for my Acne was the injection, as it has a tendency to cause Oily Skin. After I was told this I already planned to stop taking the Depo and maybe switch to the pill.

For the last few weeks I have failed to lose any weight whatsoever. Despite my best efforts…. You just know in yourself when something isn’t right.

Tonight I went to my Weightwatchers Meeting and raised the issue that I thought the Depo is making it more or less impossible to lose weight. I was shocked by what followed. My leader told me EVERY single member she had that was on the injection found it incredibly difficult to lose weight.

She then announced it in the meeting and around 10 women all said the same thing.

So I came home, and for the first time ever I Googled the side effects of the Depo Provera.

I have spent the last 2 hours reading Medical Studies and several chat forums, mainly caloriecount , and the comments section of an American medical study.

I am absolutely astounded that I have NEVER been informed of the side effects of this injection. The only thing I have ever been told is that it increases the appetite and can cause loss of bone density.

After reading what I have tonight I am 100% sure that the Depo has been causing pretty much all of my problems.

Namely, Bad Skin, Weight Gain or Inability to lose weight, Fatigue, and others.

I have only read 2 of about 100 comments that have not experienced weight gain whilst on it, with the majority of women gaining approximately 30lbs within the first 6-12 months of taking the contraception.

I have read several comments of women experiencing shocking skin trouble after the first couple of months of taking the Depo.

The biggie that I was not expecting was the Fatigue. Just this morning I tweeted about how no matter how much sleep I got, I always feel tired? I have been saying this for some time, and now I know why…

Most importantly, there were lots of comments from women who have been on the injection for several years before experiencing any side effects. Which to a certain extent is what has happened with me.

It seems everything points to the Depo, and there is  far too much for it just to be a coincidence. I think the main reason I wasn’t aware that this is what has been causing my problems is because I do not see a GP for my contraception. I go to a Sexual Health Clinic, and because they are not a GP they are just Nurses, they cant really identify and associate Medical Conditions with Contraception. ( I found this out when I asked about my Acne at the Clinic.)

So what happens next? I am coming off of the Depo (I was due to have it at the beginning of December) and I will not be going onto any other type of Hormonal Contraception until my periods resume naturally. ( I should mention I havn’t had a period the whole time I’ve been on it, so for nearly 4 years.)

When it comes to contraception in the future I will be seeing my GP.

You know when you just know something? When you just have that gut feeling inside? Well I just absolutely positively know that when I come off of this injection I am going to get back to my natural weight, my skin is going to return to normal, and I’m going to  be energetic again. I just know it.

On the other side I do know some women who have no problems whatsoever whilst on the injection, but believe me, after what I have researched tonight, they are in a VERY small minority.

Like I said, I only started having noticeable side effects over the past 12 months, after being on the Depo Provera for nearly 4 years.

So what would I advise if you were thinking about going on the injection? Personally I would not advise it, and I would say if you are seriously considering it, do your research beforehand, because although its very convenient, the side effects really are not worth it.

What have been your or your friends experiences with the Injection? I very much doubt I’m the only person in this position.



Sunday, 22 November 2009

Its an Oldie but Goodie :)

As beauty bloggers and beauty junkies in general, we are always trying to find the next best thing when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products.
However we all have a a few faithful friends who we always come back to, who never let us down, So why the hell cant we just stick to the notion of “Better the Devil you know?” Instead of spending time and money testing new products always looking for something with that little something extra. Well I’ll tell you why… We wouldn’t be beauty bloggers if we did haha!
So here are a select few of my faithful friends, I like to call the “Oldies but Goodies” I would love to see yours.. Lets make this into a bit of  a tag and spread some Oldie but Goodie Love haha!
IMG_0817 These babies have been repurchased more times than I can remember over the years. I pretty much NEVER deviate from these 3 products.
Good old Sal’ I think we all know and love her miracle working nail polishes. Then we have Maybelline Express Finish in Red Seduction, my all time Go To Red Nail Polish. Perfect for the winter months, looks so striking on the nails. I always get compliments when I wear this polish.
IMG_0820Gucci by Gucci Perfume, I have several favourite perfumes but I seem to wear this all the time in Winter. I love it :)
IMG_0821These two bad boys have been making an appearance in my beauty routine since I was about 14. Seriously.
On another note, I’m feeling rather Carrie Bradshaw with my new set up… Haha I got a new desk a couple of weeks ago to help me with my studies. I think its also because I’m in front of my window, I always picture her with a fag, sat at her laptop at her desk in front of the window and saying “ I couldn’t help but wonder…” I hope you know what I mean ;)
IMG_0824Cant wait to see your Oldie but Goodies :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fancy a bit of Chanel in your life?... Kind of :)

I've always fancied myself looking down at my wrist and seeing a Chanel J12 Watch. As lovely as this would be, I very much doubt it will ever be a reality due to its heavy price tag.

Cue good old Argos and Sekonda :)

I found these little beauties a few months ago and purchased the white one first. I also know a few other bloggers who have this watch. Well last week I went and bought myself the black one too because I love them so much :) The resemblance really is uncanny, and I am more than happy to have this until the day comes I have a real one. Hell I suppose I don't even need the real thing now I've got these bad boys!

Sorry for the rubbish photo - I used my iphone to take it.

They cost £19.99 each is a currently an offer on too, where you can buy one and get one for half price! Even better so you can get yourself one of each colour, and Argos will even remove links for you if its required - for free! Good Times!!

I can't recommend these watches enough :) You get the lovely look of the Chanel Watches without breaking the bank!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Summary

Its that time of the week again :) Here's my Sunday Summary!

1. Rejoining Twitter and getting to chat with the lovely people I missed whilst I was away. Life's too short thats what I say, my break away did me some good :) This time round Im going to make sure I dont get addicted though ;)

2. Huge clean up of my bedroom today :) Tidy Room Tidy Mind thats what I say!

3. Drunken Harry Potter Cluedo on Saturday Night :) Yeah you heard right, we had a mean game of Harry Potter Cluedo and Cranium on Saturday Night, paired with raspberry vodka = good times :)

4. Buried the hatchett and made friends with Adams Mum. We had a fall out a while ago and this week I made the effort to make amends, thanks to my new positive attitude :) I'm glad I did, feels great!

5. Listening to Paulo Nutini's Pencil Full of Lead amongst other "happy" songs :) Nothing changes my mood like music can!

How has your week been? Would love to here 5 great things from your week!

Thats all for now lovers!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bad Romance

I cant quite put my finger on why - but it think this is a pretty amazing music video. Granted its weird as hell.. but thats kind of what I love about it?

What do you think?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday Summary!

Hey everyone!
So this is the start of a new weekly post I will be doing – its basically a summary of 5 good things that have happened throughout the week :) The lovely Amy inspired me to do this – make sure you go check her out!!
1. It obviously have to be my iphone working again :) Still can’t believe it Yay!
2. Catching an episode of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Gold last night – totally forgot how much I loved this programme back in the day!
3. Doing a little bit of Christmas Shopping today with Adam – I love getting into the festive spirit!!
4. I managed to get one of my assignments completed! Hallelujah! Really starting to feel like I can handle my workload now :)
5. Deleting my Twitter – it is single handedly one of the best things I have done for myself right now. I have realised how unproductive it made me  and I am reaping the benefits :) Im not saying I will never return but right now I am really enjoying being away from it!
Here’s to a great week!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I can hardly control myself ;)

Yeah its less than two weeks until New Moon is out at Cinema's.. I know I can hardly wait!!

I'm a proper TwiBopper haha!! If you are too put your hand up :)

Hell Yeah!!! *High Five*


As if by Magic….

My iphone has started working again!!!! WOOOHOO!
After leaving it in a sealed container filled with dried rice, on top of a radiator for 3 days.. I thought to myself “I’ll turn it on and see if it works”.. And its did!!! :)
091107-172539 WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
Can you tell Im happy??

Friday, 6 November 2009

Need your roots doing?

Any DIY blondes out there that need your roots doing, I have a couple of hair dyes spare from when I attempted to bleach my own locks! I never used them so I’m giving them away to someone who will put them to good use!
091106-152004 Clairol Perfect 10 in Light Ash Blonde
091106-152058 Loreal Recital Preference in 01 Lightest Natural Blonde
Leave a comment below saying which one you want and I will randomly pick a winner for each of the dyes :)
No entries after 6pm please! Sorry UK only as I cant afford to post internationally!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a way to go!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... I go and drop my iphone in my cup of tea!!
I kid you not, i dropped my entire phone into my brew! It sounds hilarious but in reality its not so funny.

I'm now stuck with a 24 month contract with no iphone, and Apple will not repair an iphone with liquid damage. It wouldn't matter anyway because I have no insurance but just so any iphone users know - any liquid damage whatsoever automatically voids any warranty you may have - even the paid for Apple Care.
I have lost all of my numbers, photos etc and I am left with only limited options.

I can buy a new iphone which will cost between £300 - £400. So really this is not an option at all because there will never be a day Im willing to spend that amount of money on a phone.

I can try and use the sim in my blackberry and add a "bolt on" so i can use it in the blackberry. The only issue is Im trying to do this as I type, and because the blackberry is a business phone, its on BT and is therefore rejecting the o2 sim card.

I can get another contract phone.. one that isnt such a long contract

I can buy a cheap phone and try use the sim in that with a bolt on, but this would be very difficult going from using a smart phone to a standard phone.

I can get another iphone contract.

I am reluctant to get another iphone however because of what's happened. I have had several problems and although this is my fault and I can fully accept that - i think the whole completely void warranty is a little harsh, especially if you pay for extra warranty.

Im trying to stay composed but its proving difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I have read to put in a sealed container with rice and leave it for 3 days so I have done that, but there is no way I can go without a phone for 3 days. Its just not going to happen!!

Typical Me, no i didnt drop in down the loo, in the bath or in the sink... I dropped it in my cup of tea hahaha!! You know how much I love my tea!! At least it went in a good way :)

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