Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Guess Who's The Owner of a Shiny New Pink Laptop??

Yes you guessed it!! Today my new laptop arrived from Dell.

You may be thinking " Why the hell have I ordered a Dell when I'm an avid Apple lover and also own a Mac Book Air?"

Well I'll tell you why, after forking out £1200.00 on my Macbook Air the screen has decided to pack up on me. It is still usable but ultimately needs a screen replacement.

To say Im disappointed is an understatement as I absolutely love my Air.

The other niggle is it only has a 70gb Hard drive which is completely full :/

So to continue using the Air I need to spend almost £300 on the screen and also buy an external hard drive... Hmmm not great.

Im also coming into my final year of University = Dissertation Time Boo!! This means I can not use the Air to do such important work on, as it poses the risk of the screen going completely and not having enough space to save everything.

So I decided (as I cant afford a MacBook Pro at the moment) the best thing to do would be to buy a Low to Mid Priced Laptop as a stop gap.

Cue Dell....

As soon as I saw the "Lollipop Lollipop" Dell Inspiron 15 Adverts showing the different coloured laptops it was love...I've always fancied myself as Elle from Legally Blonde typing away on a Pink Laptop ;)

Anyway I ordered myself a Dell and I'm pleasantly surprised with what arrived this morning.

The inside of the Laptop...

If you didnt already know, Dell allows you to order the bog standard laptop then "Add On" whatever extra components you want.

The basic system was that.. pretty basic, and if you are on a serious budget you can pick a plain laptop for the £300 mark. However I had about £400 budget and decided to add a few extras.

Extras I added:

The Pink Flamingo High Gloss Finish Colour
Built in Webcam
Extra Hard drive space of 250gb
Extra Memory (Adam took care of that aspect I had no clue but i think its 2gb?)
And most importantly a 6 Cell Lithium Battery

I have heard from several bloggers that the batteries from Dell are notouriously rubbish.. but considering the fiasco with my Air Screen its not that big of a deal. I still however took the precaution of upgrading the battery to the next best one.

So how much was it with all of the added extra's I hear you cry?? Well the exact price was £412.00 and it arrived in 4 days!

Another thing to note is that Dell are currently doing an offer for 3mb of Memory with the Inspiron 15 Laptops, and a wide range of colours are available.

Also the system does not come with Microsoft Office, so you will have to purchase this, I believe the Student Version is the cheapest and can be installed on up to 3 computers (I already had this software.)
So I can't do a full reveiw straight away but I will be definitely doing one at some point.

I can however give you my first impressions :)

The finish is absolutely gorgeous, it is the glossiest thing I have ever seen Inside and Out, this is going to result in a duster being used on it everyday to get rid of all of the fingerprints

For £400 it is an absolute bloody steal, Of course its not the best, Its not going to be comparable to a MacBook Pro but for the Price its bloody fantastic
The size: After being used to using the worlds slimmest laptop for 12 months I thought it would be like carrying around and using a beast, but I'm really glad to report that it doesnt feel too big at all
There is a slot for a camera memory card to be inserted = impressed

It has a CD/DVD Rewriter Drive, sounds basic but the Air didnt have this and I had to use an external USB CD Drive....

Last but not Least... ITS BLOODY PINK!!!! :D :D
If you have absolutely anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask!!



  1. I've decided to get an Inspiron 17 in "Passion Purple" when I get back from seeing Loverboy. The colours and webcam come standard with no extra charge. I want mine to be able to play Blu-Ray discs but the option's not coming up for Inspiron 17's. Grr.

    I think the reason mine came up to £800 originally was cos I was adding extras like fingerprint recognition!! LOL

    Enjoy your new toy and I'll be tweeting you for a performance update in 2 wks!

  2. It's lovely hunni. I have a Dell Desktop computer. I've had it for 5 or 6 years now. It's never let me down and the people at DELL customer service are amazing. I do want a new computer tho (hopefully an iMAC very soon) but I dont really need it. The Dell will last and be reliable. Are you going to do your YT vids on it? What editing software would you use if you did as I havent got a clue how to edit my vids? thats part of the reason i want an apple is so i can use i-movie.
    I'll get the hang of all this malarkey one day :)

  3. How gorgeous!! I always thought budget laptops are rubbish, but apparently not. Hope it passes the test of time for you hun! xxx

  4. It is gorge! I want a new one... just got a new battery for mine this weekend but I really want this now, especially so cheap. I saw a pink Sony one but it was £700. Kelly! I want to waste my money on this now! xxx

  5. Wow how wonderfully pink and shiney! So jealous of your stylish new toy!!Sharon xx http://www.mypassporttostyle.blogspot.com

  6. oh my , gorgeous :D i actually wanted to buy that dell computer (:

  7. My little sis has this laptop and i agree its brilliant for the price! And pink!! And the webcam i agree is really good! Unlike mine which is really really bad!! I need one now thats the only prob!!haha!xx

  8. Yay, i hope you enjoy itt! In your pic, what are the little icons floating near the top of the screen...it looks damn cool i dont think mine has that. Our Dell's can have SEXY babies. HA!
    :) xxx

  9. its really pretty :)
    my friend has it in red
    but i think i prefer your pink!

  10. I hope you enjoy your new laptop (: It looks soo lovely. I have been really thinking about getting one of these for ages and ages now.

  11. i love your laptop,
    such a pretty colour

  12. i have this...and am typing on it right now!
    i love it :)


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