Saturday, 8 August 2009

Loving Hating Wishing

So I havn't done a post in a while, so I thought I'd give this a whirl :)

Barry M Pink Flamingo Nail Polish. I absolutely love the colour of this polish, I'm going to write a full review this week!
Orange Customers being able to use a loophole to get out of their mobile phone contracts!
Come Dine With Me...I love this program!
Spreading the Pepsi Max Love
Lovely bloggers and Youtubers taking the plunge and doing BlogTV, I'll be making an appearance soon Yay! ;)
My lovely new watch! Thankyou Adam! :)

Getting back to the gym! Boo - I'm so unfit
Stubbing my little toe on the kitchen table leg, Ouch
Everyone around me ordering a take away on Friday night, and me tucking into Salmon Fishcakes and Veg! Blah :(

New Handbag (Preferably of the designer kind lol)
Maybe a couple of MAC Eyeshadows from the Love that Look Collection
Lowlights, to return my uber blonde locks to the Ashy colour they once were!



  1. love these posts, i kinda prefer them to the "in and out" ones

  2. Great post :)

    I fell in love with the Barry M Flamingo nail polish the moment I saw it in the most recent email.

    I am also wishing for a new designer handbag!!

  3. I love the barry m pink flamingo too, its gorgeous xx

  4. Pepsi max is wayyy better than diet coke. 'Mon the pesi max! :) love your blog xx

  5. I'm considering lowlights too - this platinum blonde is far too much upkeep!

    And keep up the good work at the gym - I'm trying to make a real effort with it too so I feel your pain!!


  6. I can't wait to get pink flamingo, going to try and get hold of it on tuesday in liverpool, it looks lush! x

  7. I was gonna buy Pink Flamingo today but put it back as i thought it was too bright, hmm i may buy it tomorow if you say its gorge. :)

    Eeee, you should deffo do BlogTV!

    Felicity xo

  8. I've just sat and watched two hours of come dine with me - on a saturday night!
    I'm such a geek!

    Hope your toe is ok :). xo

  9. I totally agree, come dine with me is absolutely amazing, the narrator cracks me up! xxx

  10. loved watching blogtv with zoe the other day - so fun!!! can't wait to see yours!!
    i think i may have to do a love/hate/wish too -- these are good ones.
    have a good night

  11. i feel for you with regards to getting back into the gym after a break, just think of all the wasted money is my motto! haha xx

  12. oooh I LOVE come dine with me. and i'd rather have salmon than a dirty takeaway any day.
    I've been meaning to ask you where you're from because i recognise your accent on your videos and then i realised it said that you're from halifax and the reason i recognise your accent is because it's the same as mine. haha.
    loving the blog :) x

  13. I've just bought the Barry M Pink Flamingo - It's fab! Check out my blog as I've nominated you for an award :) x

  14. yey for Come Dine With Me
    It's quite awesome

    I tried to go for some lowlights last time i got my hair done but they went orangey on my roots... hmm



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