Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Acne ....

It may be difficult to believe that I have Acne, but in actual fact I do, and although it isn't extremely severe, It is severe enough to warrant Prescription Medication.

All through my teens right up until me hitting around 20 I had flawless skin. That might sound as though I'm "bigging" myself up but it is the absolute truth, I never ever got spots, and on the very rare occasion I did they were tiny. If anything I had dry skin and used to have dry patches in the winter months.

Then I hit my 20's and BAM I'm struck with Adult Acne! What is all that about??

It now have what I would call Oily / Combination Acne Prone Skin. It comes and goes in bouts and is sometimes more severe than others.

When the spots do come however they are just awful, and there is only so much make up can do before you start to feel self conscious about it.

So last year I plucked up the courage to go to the doctors about it. I thought they would think I was totally over exaggerating over a few minor spots, but they diagnosed me with Acne and prescribed me with Oxytetracycline Tablets and PanOxyl Gel.

I didnt like the PanOxyl Gel from the off. It was far too drying and left me with a white residue on my skin (not a good look) so decided against using that further. I did however have some luck with the Oxytetracycline which I used for approximately 6 months. The results were amazing as you can see below.

(Please Excuse Silly Pose lol Please Click to enlarge)

However after 6 months (ish) they stopped working as well and the Doctors upped my dosage. This still didn't work so for the last 6 months or so I havn't been taking anything for my Acne.

It has as it usually does come and gone as and when it feels like it, but I can safely say not a week goes by that I dont have spots :(

Here is a little pic I took this morning to show the extent of the acne (I'm sorry I know it isn't pleasant!)

Today I went to the doctors again about my Bubbly ear ( I have a cold boo!) and my Acne .

I have been prescribed with these : Tetralysal - Lymecycline.

It takes around 8 weeks for these tablets to properly work (so the doc says) and if they havn't worked by the end of 8 weeks we will have to consider more "stronger" medication, which is a route I would rather not go down to be honest.

Here's hoping they work! I will most definitely keep you updated with how I get on with them, I will probably do a post with a picture of my bare skin every week and share the results with you all :) If they do not work, I will be going back to the Oxytetracycline again, before trying anything else.

There is a common misconception that unless you have really bad acne the Doctor can't prescribe you with anything, but I urge you to see the Doctor if you are having trouble with your skin, and it is constant.. Not just a couple of pesky spots now and then, There are things the Doctor can do for you :)




  1. Jack has been using Oxytetracycline for the past 4 months or so, and it had an amazing effect on his skin. It practically got rid of everything, but now he's stopped taking it (got lazy and didnt go back to the doctors for more) and his skin is gong back to being spotty. He also didnt get along with the cream either.
    I get really bad big painful spots around my hairline, im tempted after this post to see if theres anything the docs can give me for it. I know theyre not always visible but they're always there and really painful, and occaionally they will vacate to the middle of my cheek or end of my nose just to piss me off. haha :)

  2. Ive been using the Tetralysal tablets for about a year now and i have no spots what so ever :) they are amazing! But the only problem is if i dont take them for a few days i start to get spots but they soon disappear once you start taking them again :D sorry for the random post but i dont know anyone else who takes them! xx

  3. When I was 15 I had bad skin (mostly on my forehead) and so went to the docs about it. They gave me a cream similar to the one you had and it seemed to work okay (as you said though, v.drying!). I can't remember exactly but I'm sure I was put on Tetralysal and if so, it worked really well!

    I'll have my fingers crossed for you :)

  4. Oooh those tetralysal ones are th same as the the ones I take. I took them for monthes a few years ago and they worked really well. I then stopped taking them for maybe a year or so and my acne came back. (Stress induced I think) So I'm taking them again at the moment. Possibly not as good as the first time around but They have made such a difference. Still suffering from a number of red blemishes that aren't raised but just kind of there. :( Any suggestions? xxx

  5. What a good, honest post Kelly.
    It is very brave of you to show a photo of yourself without make-up.
    But I trust you, things always seem worse to you than they look to anyone else.
    I also have bad skin and it can really get me down.
    Try to keep your chin up!
    You honestly can't tell in any of your photos -you look pretty flawless to me.
    I hope you feel better about it soon and the new medication works.

  6. I love reading you're blog posts because i know their going to be good honest reviews and i like that - I have acne prone skin like yours and like you tried creams but i got the same results it was just awful. I tried tablets & they were much better !! For me now i find that washing my skin with a cleansing wipe & adding sudocrem to the spotty areas is all i need to help to clear them up but unlike you my skin isn't flawless i always seem to have spots no matter what :o( x

  7. I actually just read this post from Bubblegarm ( on an at-home acne treatment. Basically just lemon juice, but maybe it would work for you too. I haven't tried it myself, but I know I'd hate to wait for 8 weeks (I'm too impatient) so maybe its worth a try. Good luck!

  8. Good luck with the Tetralysal - I tried it a while ago but then got changed onto a combination of Minocycline and Zineryt (topical lotion) - fingers crossed it'll work well for you.x

  9. i was on these (iv been on every type of acne treatment) this was the last thing i was on before dianette!they did nothing for me!but my cousin who also had really bad acne one her chin was on these n her skin cleared right up she has no scars or anything!i have acne scars on my forehead bt so glad i went to doctor about my acne i started taking tabs for it wen i was 15 n finally at 16 i started taking dianette and within 6-8 months i had not a spot on my face!my fore head was always the worst for my spots it was covered now i only have the very odd hormonal spot!hope this helps anyone! xxxx

  10. My brother takes those tabs you pictured at the end for his acne. It cleared up in no time and you should see the difference in his before picture and now!


  11. Aw that sucks Kelly! I get spots around my chin and cheek now when i used to have perfect skin too in my teens! Life is cruel sometimes


    @ Zoella- I've started getting spots in my hairline now too! Glad I'm not the only one. I wondered if it was my shampoo. Any ideas? x

  12. Hiya sorry I know this isnt relevant to this post but I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  13. The doc told me to put the Panoxyl gel on for 5/10mins and then wash it off so the skin can get used to it.

  14. i had the same problem with the panoxyl, but i was using 5 aswell. it was way to harsh for my skin so i started getting the 2.5 with an oil free moisturiser and i completely swear by it x

  15. I have spots and it really gets me down. I mentioned it to the doector once and they told me about medication but I'm trying to do it without meds because I don't want to be on meds if I can help it.

    I have set myself a 30 day skin challenge to try and get rid of spots and scars- and I am blogging about it.

    I made a video but I cant upload it, but anyway come and see my blog and support me/give me tips etc!

    Some spot tratments actually cause spots, what is that all about?!

    I hope this works for you.

    Please stop by my blog and say hi and support my skin challenge!

  16. i know what you mean about the white residue have you tried cetaphil? this stuff is amazing.

    iv tagged you in my blog ♥ xxx

  17. Dietary modification really works. I used to get a lot of zits on my I was drooling acne. Gross!

    I cut out gluten and casein (for unrelated reasons) and my skin greatly improved. This is difficult to do, but you'd know within a week whether it was working or not.

    PS I love your videos and found this blog...just now...through your youtube channel!!


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