Sunday, 26 July 2009

What an Epic Fail

EDIT: It isnt half as bad as I first thought, So i will be leaving it, however I will still be going to the hairdresser next time :)

I have Ginger Roots. Thats the First and Last time I attempt to do it at home, I'd rather look like Courtney Love! The colour really doesnt show the true extent of the yellowness.

Epic Fail or What.

I have £50 in my overdraft and Hopefully the hairdresser will be able to do something with it tomorrow.

Lesson Learnt.




  1. give it 2days it should be fine, it doesnt look ginger in the picture

  2. looks really nice in the pic though!

  3. This can sometimes happen - i have very dark hair with blonde bits in it and in order for my dark roots to not turn ginger when i do them, i used a highlight kit rather than a blonde hair colour - not sure if this would help?! x

  4. Yeah, looks good to me too!
    don't stress! :)

  5. it looks ok to me! but home dye is no comparison to the salon. try to find a mobile hairdresser perhaps? they are much cheaper and just as good. x

  6. Oh no! Don't worry Kelly, this exact same thing happened to me when I first started dying it myself...I think I used a L'Oreal one and my hair went orangey-red! :( It does fade but then I started using the Garnier one I told you about and it's never done that again! It actually doesn't look so bad on you though! xoxo

  7. It looks cute! dont waste your money girl! xxxxx

  8. Try Fudge "A Whiter Shade of Pale" It is like a toner mask and it is blue, I had this problem and it took out all of the brassy/ginger bits. xxx

  9. try using a purple shampoo i use lee stafford its so good and gets rid of all the yellowness


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