Saturday, 4 July 2009

New Bag!

As many of you know I go on holiday to Cyprus tomorrow WooHoo!! Today I nipped to The White Rose Shopping Centre for a few last minute bits! I thought I would show you one thing I didn't really need, but just had to have.

It is this gorgeous handbag from Dorothy Perkins. I don't normally shop in DP's but today they had some right little hidden gems in there!

The bag is a Grey Patent Hand Bag with Silver Detail. It has a zip closure and also an inside zip compartment. I actually think that it looks quite designer-ish!

Another great thing is I actually don't own a bag anything like this one, as I normally buy lots of bags that are quite similar styles. I uhmmed and arhhed about this and put it back a couple of times, then eventually gave in and bought it and I'm very glad I did! :)

This bag was £20 and I got student discount too so only paid £18 which I think is brilliant!
They also had some fabulous fringed bags in too which I was very tempted by, but I had to have some control taking into account the fact that (as if I havn't told you already) I am going on my hols tomorrow :D

What do you think about trying different styes of handbag, is it good to try something different, or better the devil you know?? :)



  1. love the bag! have a great time on holiday!! get loads of photos :) xx

  2. heyy
    i read on your twitter you were wanting a book recomendation for your holiday
    if they have it at the airport i think "Every Boy's Got One" by Meg Cabot is good :)

  3. have a brill time in Cyprus!! love the bag btw;p

  4. I think it is really nice and I think that you can always justify a purchase if you don't already have something like it xx Have an amazing holiday - we'll miss you whilst your away!! x

  5. It's really nice, and a bargain too. I really like the colour and the shape is unusual. Great purchase!xx

  6. Ooh i LOVE it! I really like grey bags in general, more so than black i think. I never usually look in Dorothy Perkins i think i might be missing out! xx

  7. I really like this bag. It's quite different :D

  8. Really like it chick-good find! Hava fab holiday xxxx

  9. Great bag! Hope you have a fab holiday! xXx


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