Sunday, 26 July 2009

Me.. Impulsive...Never!!!

Yep its not even been an hour since my last post and in that time I have literally raced to Morrissons and bought some hair dyes.

I wanted to use the ones Kelly (Pinksealight) uses but they had none, so after consulting the sides of the boxes i chose the following. Two Lightest Natural Blonde Dyes for the Roots, and the Two Light Ash Blondes for the body of my hair. I dont want it to be too blonde you see, but i fear this may be unavoidable lol.

I have also got some John Freida Purple Shampoo as recommended by the love Holly. This will neutralise any ginger :)

See you in about an hour for the results!! This is the first time I have coloured my hair blonde at home since I was 13!!

Worried .... Ermmm Yes but have no choice!! :D

See you on the other side girls!! Wish Me Luck!!



  1. can't wait to see the results. x

  2. my kelly you are a fast worker - good luck - looking forward to the result :) xx

  3. Good luck :) Cant wait to see

  4. Good luck hun! If the John Frieda doesn't cut it L'oreal professional silver shampoo is amazing.

  5. Loreal will make you the blonde that i am in my hair diaries, that was the hair dye i used for about 3 months, great colour... no ginger! good times :)xx


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