Friday, 31 July 2009

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too...

My nail polish collection is growing very nicely :) I thought I would spread some nail polish love around :)

I'm holding Helen from HeleSays responsible for my rekindled love affair with Nail Polish :) She has the best Nails in the Beauty blogging Community and has even started a blog dedicated just to nails! If you havn't already seen it you can check it out here.




  1. Gorgeous collection, my fave is that Gosh Wild Lilac, such a nice colour! xxx

  2. Oh I love the way you've spread them out in a rainbow, so cute! I'm gonna do that too!! LOL

  3. Great collection! I like the orange BarryM.

  4. about a month ago, I owned 3 colours. Thanks to this blogger community, my collection is rapidly increasing...and I can't stop! LOL.

    Your blog is super cool. Just followed.


  5. My favourite colour to wear this season has been bannana yellow,you know fitting with the whole 80's vibe.But I love silver ond tangerine shade too, nail polish make you feel so happy!
    p.s Im on the look out for blogs in the North west, can you recomend any good ones?xx

  6. loved your blog ,as i wasnt allowed to ask on your yt vid lol where n how do u get to go to these things like maybelline only for glasgow or scotland at least, n do u have like an events calender sorta thing that u can plan ahead on ...btw my nail polish collection is growing too its just an easy way to add colour to yourself love carolanne aka foxycleox


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