Sunday, 26 July 2009

Help - Home Bleaching??

So, I'm pretty poor at the moment, and to be totally frank, not sure when I am going to be able to spend £70 on my hair at a Hair Salon.

What you are seeing is about 6 weeks worth of Re-growth, The chances are that I will not be able to have my hair done professionally again until at least September.

I cannot leave my hair to have root re-growth so bad for that long so need some serious help from any girls out there who colour their hair blonde at home.

I need recommendations of what is the best type of home kit to use, whether to use bleach or not, any tips when dying hair at home?

I really don't want to attempt to colour my hair at home, especially with it being blonde, but I really have little choice. I normally have a full head of highlights, I'm not sure it is possible to do this at home? I will be enlisting Karen to apply the actual dye.

Just a note, I have mousey brown hair, the same colour as my eyebrows :)

Please Please Help!



  1. An all over dye to your roots would ruin what you have and it would be quite hard to go back to salon highlights afterwards.
    Try and find a hairdresser who does house visits? I only pay £40 for a full head of highlights. Otherwise (I just replied this on twitter but you may not have seen it) ask for a quarter head of highlights instead - cheaper & covers any roots that would be visible :)

  2. if its just highlights do it your self can be quite hard, i was in your situation once and i used a "box colour" on my hair and it went ginger :(, but i decided to bite the bullet and bleach my hair, i use sallys own bleach and have been for ages it the teknique basics one and i really like it :)

  3. I had the same problem & I had to just do a full head of colour because doing foils/highlights on your own is a bit hard! Unless you have someone that can weave through your hair, apply the colour & wrap it up in foils!
    I used bleaching kits with the powder in & then because it looks like a bleach job I used to go over it with a blonde colour dye. Oh & have a tube of toner (not the 'toners' you get in boots or whatever, proper tubes of salon toner from sally's) at the ready in case it turns a horrid tingy colour! It can be tricky! It got so annoying in the end for me so that's when I just dyed it brown.


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