Friday, 31 July 2009

It felt like I was dying inside...

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.... They did.

If you dont already know I have a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Sid/Sidney/Sidders.
As pathetic as it may sound I absolutely adore him, he's my baby, I persisted for 2 long years to get him and now I have him I shower him with love.

All Sid has ever known from a puppy is love, and he therefore has the best of everyone in him, because he has only ever known the best of everyone.

Since moving house I have had a recurring dream that Sid escaped from the garden and got run over on the busy main road directly outside my house.

Today that dream very nearly came true.

To cut a long story short, some builders who came to collect some scaffolding from the garden didn't shut the main gate properly. Sid then escaped onto the driveway and managed to wriggle under the driveway gate.

The road outside my house is the main connecting road between Bradford and Halifax, and it was rush hour. I was almost 100% sure that when we found him he would be dead.

As my mum, brother and his girlfriend rushed out of the house to find him, I couldn't do anything but cry hysterically. I was too afraid to go out and look for him because I was certain the image in my dreams would turn to reality.

I literally felt like I was dying inside.

I was unconsolable. I was on the phone to Karen the whole time and she was doing everything in her power to calm me down. I was the closest I have ever been to having an Asthma Attack in the last 2 years. I couldn't breath, I couldn't think straight, all I could do was cry hysterically.

The pain I felt made me think how the pain of losing a child would feel. The thought was unbearable.

When I eventually got outside within a couple of minutes I saw my Mum emerge from a grass verge with Sid in her arms. I started crying even more at the relief of seeing him safe and sound.

A young girl had rescued him from the middle of the main road, and taken him to safe keeping in her garden. :) The dream very really became reality, and Sid was so lucky to not have been ran over.

I bought the girl 2 boxes of chocolates and couldn't thank her enough. She told us they were going to check if he was Microchipped (which he is) and try and find his owner that way.

My advice to anyone out there that owns a small dog, is to make sure there is no way that he/she can escape from the garden, and make sure they are Microchipped, just in case they do escape.

After all of that I am going to relax this evening, have a nice long bath, and give Sidney lots of cuddles :)


I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too...

My nail polish collection is growing very nicely :) I thought I would spread some nail polish love around :)

I'm holding Helen from HeleSays responsible for my rekindled love affair with Nail Polish :) She has the best Nails in the Beauty blogging Community and has even started a blog dedicated just to nails! If you havn't already seen it you can check it out here.



Is there such a thing as too much Mascara?

So there has been a major kick off at work today, which has resulted in me finishing work early. I thought I would use my bit of free time wisely rather than sitting around doing not much other than drinking cups of tea :)

I thought I would sort through some of my make up and toiletries in preparation for a giveaway ;) and I got to thinking.... Is there such a thing as too much Mascara?

Because I'm beginning to think there is lol. What you are seeing in front of you is 19 Mascara's!! Yes 19!!
None of which may I add are "out of date" and 10 that havn't even been opened yet!

What do you think? Is this a tad excessive? :)


Monday, 27 July 2009

Kelly .. Wants... Tag :)

So i first saw this tweeted by Emma Watson on Twitter and quite liked the idea, so I thought I would post it on my blog and turn it into a bit of a tag. Its quite funny and something to do if you're bored.

So go to Google and type in "Your First Name" and "Wants" For Example I would type "Kelly Wants" or someone called Charlotte would type "Charlotte Wants"

You then read off the top 5 results on google. Obviously as long as they make sense, if not move on to the next search result.

So according to google Kelly wants..
1. Some Shoes
2. A Lesbian Role
3. To Piss on You
4. More Jelly
5. You to Know That Champagne, Girls, And Sex Are Nothing More Than Another Day At The Office

LMAO!! Love It!! Number's 2,3 and 5 Crack me up!!
So this is what I want according to google lol. What does google think YOU Want?? :)

Join in the Fun... xoxo

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Collection 2000 Nail Polishes -BMX Bandit

So everyone is raving about the new range of Collection 2000 Nail Polishes, and believe me it isn't just hype.

These polishes are amongst the best nail polishes I have used. I picked up four from Morrisons the other day and they were 2 for £3 or £1.74 each! What a bargain!
I bought:
(L-R) Dynasty, Hoola Hoop, Wham, and BMX Bandit

So far i have used Dynasty ( gorgeous) and BMX Bandit, which in my opinion is just beautiful.
I know a few people have reservations when wearing "daring" colours on nails, but really you should experiment with colour on your nails because there are some real gems out there. Like this one for example.

This is the most gorgeous Purple. It looks blue, but i think it is more of a purple colour.

If you havn't tried these polishes go out now and buy some because they are absolutely fantastic!


What an Epic Fail

EDIT: It isnt half as bad as I first thought, So i will be leaving it, however I will still be going to the hairdresser next time :)

I have Ginger Roots. Thats the First and Last time I attempt to do it at home, I'd rather look like Courtney Love! The colour really doesnt show the true extent of the yellowness.

Epic Fail or What.

I have £50 in my overdraft and Hopefully the hairdresser will be able to do something with it tomorrow.

Lesson Learnt.



Me.. Impulsive...Never!!!

Yep its not even been an hour since my last post and in that time I have literally raced to Morrissons and bought some hair dyes.

I wanted to use the ones Kelly (Pinksealight) uses but they had none, so after consulting the sides of the boxes i chose the following. Two Lightest Natural Blonde Dyes for the Roots, and the Two Light Ash Blondes for the body of my hair. I dont want it to be too blonde you see, but i fear this may be unavoidable lol.

I have also got some John Freida Purple Shampoo as recommended by the love Holly. This will neutralise any ginger :)

See you in about an hour for the results!! This is the first time I have coloured my hair blonde at home since I was 13!!

Worried .... Ermmm Yes but have no choice!! :D

See you on the other side girls!! Wish Me Luck!!


Help - Home Bleaching??

So, I'm pretty poor at the moment, and to be totally frank, not sure when I am going to be able to spend £70 on my hair at a Hair Salon.

What you are seeing is about 6 weeks worth of Re-growth, The chances are that I will not be able to have my hair done professionally again until at least September.

I cannot leave my hair to have root re-growth so bad for that long so need some serious help from any girls out there who colour their hair blonde at home.

I need recommendations of what is the best type of home kit to use, whether to use bleach or not, any tips when dying hair at home?

I really don't want to attempt to colour my hair at home, especially with it being blonde, but I really have little choice. I normally have a full head of highlights, I'm not sure it is possible to do this at home? I will be enlisting Karen to apply the actual dye.

Just a note, I have mousey brown hair, the same colour as my eyebrows :)

Please Please Help!



Ok so I'm going to be totally honest with you, I really can't be bothered to write a full review on my Holiday lol. I want to get back to blogging about other stuff. So if you want to read a review
on the hotel and Paphos itself, You can read Adam's review here.

You can also watch my YouTube Video here which includes Holiday Pics.

I really enjoyed my holiday but I'm glad to be home :) I am going to Paris in September for a Weekend Break for Karen's 21st Birthday and I'm hopefully booking a Holiday to Egypt next year!

Expect more blogposts very soon :)



Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Home at Last!!

So for those of you who arn't already aware I am finally home from my holiday after having a few problems and having a nightmare with flight delays.
I will be doing video's and blogposts showing you pics and telling you all about my hols but I'm still absolutely shattered, have loads of un-packing and washing to do, and have returned home to find my brothers girl friend has swine flu and the chances of my brother having it are very high (he's showing flu like symptoms). I'm not particlaurly worried its just going to be a bit of a pain.
Anyway please bare with me and I'll be back on full form very soon!

Missed you all :)


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Cyprus Here I Come! :)

Isn't this just beautiful? :)
Yes thats right people. The day I have been banging on about for the last few weeks has finally arrived YAY!! So this is me signing off for the next 2 weeks. :)

I will be back on the 20th July sporting hopefully a lovely tan and lots of pics to show you all!

Hope you all behave while I'm away ;)

Love you all!!


Saturday, 4 July 2009

New Bag!

As many of you know I go on holiday to Cyprus tomorrow WooHoo!! Today I nipped to The White Rose Shopping Centre for a few last minute bits! I thought I would show you one thing I didn't really need, but just had to have.

It is this gorgeous handbag from Dorothy Perkins. I don't normally shop in DP's but today they had some right little hidden gems in there!

The bag is a Grey Patent Hand Bag with Silver Detail. It has a zip closure and also an inside zip compartment. I actually think that it looks quite designer-ish!

Another great thing is I actually don't own a bag anything like this one, as I normally buy lots of bags that are quite similar styles. I uhmmed and arhhed about this and put it back a couple of times, then eventually gave in and bought it and I'm very glad I did! :)

This bag was £20 and I got student discount too so only paid £18 which I think is brilliant!
They also had some fabulous fringed bags in too which I was very tempted by, but I had to have some control taking into account the fact that (as if I havn't told you already) I am going on my hols tomorrow :D

What do you think about trying different styes of handbag, is it good to try something different, or better the devil you know?? :)


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tropical Temptation - A Review

So I thought I'd do a quick review of the Revlon Tropical Temptation Polish I bought on Monday.

Upon application I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with the colour. In my opinion it looks far more orange than I thought it would. I hoped it would be more pinky in colour. There is nothing wrong with this colour, Its just I already have several colours extremely similar to this one.

However this polish more than makes up for the colour issue with the quality and longevity. I applied this polish on Monday night, it is now Thursday Night, I have showered, exercised, been to work, washed up, and not one chip. Nada. Zilch. I have NEVER had a polish that has lasted this long without chipping.

Also I have only applied one coat of this polish, and the colour is more or less Opaque. It was relatively easy to apply, although did take a while to dry I felt.

Here it is without flash.

The next 2 pictures are with flash and make the polish look a lot more pinker than it really is.

This picture was taken last night 3 Days after Application, I had only just got out of the shower and you can clearly see there are no chips.

This picture was taken just now and you can see 4 days in and still no chips!

I also applied 2 coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Nail Polish underneath beforehand so I'm not sure whether this has helped it last so long or not.

I will 100% be purchasing more of these Polishes. They are well worth the £6 price tag, I already spotted a lovely pink colour which I will be picking up after my Hols :)

Have any of you tried the Revlon Polishes? Any specific Recommendations would be great!|

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