Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tag: Most Worn

I was tagged by the gorgeous Zoe to do the "Most Worn Tag" :) This was really difficult for some of the things lol but here goes...

Well this has to be Mac Politely Pink. It was the first ever lipstick I bought from Mac and the one I love the most. For me this is THE perfect lipstick as it doesn't dry out or cling to my dry skin on my lips :) I LOVE it just as much as when I first bought it.

Although incredibly boring these are my most worn Earrings, just a classic plain silver hooped earring goes with most outfits , I do have lots of more fancy earrings but these just seem to be the ones I have worn most over the past 5 years.

Well although it is a recent purchase it is genuinely my most worn dress. Its this gorgeous flowery dress from New Look. I would wear it every day if I thought I would get away with it lol.

Nail Polish
This one was quite difficult as I dont really have one specific nail polish I have always used other than the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Clear Polish. I have raved about this forever and I really do love it! Anohter of my favourite polishes though is Starlet by Rimmel.

My favourite shoes are honesly plain white pumps, I literally live in them, this is more or less all I wear! The ones pictured have sadly had to be thrown away as I have worn them that much they stink LOL. I have a nice new white and pink pair from River Island now :)

Hair Product
I have mentioned this before and it is the VO5 Heat Protection Spray. I have used this product consistently for the past few years, so although it isnt the most exciting It is my most worn.

Has to be my trusty Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I just love how feminine this fragrance is and it can be worn day or night :) I will be most definitely repurchasing this when I run out. My other most worn perfume is Hugo Deep Red which I have worn since I was around 14 however I dont have any at the moment, I will be getting some Duty Free at the Airport next week though :D

You guessed it, my most used bag is my Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30. I got this as a Christmas Gift from Adam around 2 years ago and I have used it so many times since I got it. I truly believes every girl needs a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag in her Life :D

So there you have it girls, My most worn items :D

I tag anyone who hasn't already been tagged to do this :)




  1. I need a speedy! Coco mademoiselle is gorgeous, I need it in my collection.

  2. I sooo need some of those white pumps, go with everything :). Great post.

  3. Yay thanks for doing this Kelly! I think i might need to pick up Politely do i not own this one? Btw..can i just say i am so jealous of your pins. I wish mine looked like that. xxxx

  4. Great answers! Love the handbag.xx


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