Monday, 8 June 2009

NOTD - Bloom Nail Paint in Kate - Review

So heres another quick review and Nail of the Day post for you all. As mentioned in my Youtube Video whilst shopping on Saturday I picked up a nail polish i saw in Lollipop26's favourite nail polish video.
As soon as I saw it I loved it, The most gorgeous pale blue colour, I had to have it.
So last night I painted my nails and the love sadly disappeared.

I struggled immensely to paint my nails with this polish when applying it, This lies partly with the fact that I am quite the novice when it comes to painting my nails and can never really be bothered spending lots of time waiting inbetween coats drying. The other problem is that this polish is in my opinion very thick in consistency and requires 2 coats to get the lovely opaque colour I desire. Because the polish is so thick it seemed to take forever to dry, which is never good.

Also, the colour is more or less exactly the same as a polish I already have and have already blogged about. Barry M Nail Paint in Turquoise. There is only a very minimal difference in colour in my opinion, with the Bloom Polish being slightly paler in colour.
I do love the colour but it doesn't look how I imagined it would.

Finally this polish was £8 which I think is very expensive for a drug store Nail Polish. I didn't realise how much it cost before i took it to the till and probably wouldn't have bought it if I had seen the price before hand.

This is an Ok polish, but sadly I would recommend if you want a polish in this colour, opt for the Barry M in Turquoise or go and spend your money on a China Glaze or OPI Polish.



  1. Ooh £8 i was surprised at that but i do think it looks lovely on you - lovely shade of blue xx

  2. I have the Barry M one too and was thinking about getting this one.
    Thanks for the saved me £8! :)

  3. Pretty colour and great review! ;)

  4. it does look a lovely colour but prob not worth the £8 or the waiting around! :)

  5. Thanks for the review. I was going to get some of these but I'll not bother now. Money saved!

  6. I LOVE the nail varnish, so pretty!
    by the way, I was also at Huddersfield uni, great place.
    Stop by my blog if you can chance. Only 2 followers : (

  7. I am sooo into bright nail polish at the moment...i love that colour u have on yr nails...will defo have to get that!!!
    x x

  8. arrrh i just read yr blog....£8....i change my mind the price tag is abit high like u said :( wil try the barry m one u suggested!!!

  9. Thanks for the review. The color is very pretty!

  10. thanks for the review, this shade looks ace on you!


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