Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Its That Time of Year Again.....

Ok Girls, You all know what I'm talking about. Its that time of year again when we start preparing our bodies for the summer. The process of Exfoliating, Dry body Brushing and Moisturising gets into full force and we all try to make ourselves as Beach Beautiful as we can.

Well I am going on holiday in less than a fortnight, and today I got a little bit of money so I thought I would go out and get some supplies. I have never bought these kind of products before and to be totally honest I'm not 100% sure on how well they will work, but the beauty addict that I am I thought "They have to be worth a try don't they??"

So I have heard a lot of good things of several Beauty Bloggers about Dry Body brushing, so I picked up two "Body Brushes" both from The Body Shop. The first one is a traditional wooden all over Body Brush, the second is a Cellulite Massager and is made of a hard Plastic/Rubber material.

I do have really bad cellulite on my bum and thighs, and I am very self conscious about it. I have suffered with it all of my life and even though I have lost a significant amount of weight, I still have noticeable cellulite.
The Body Shop are also having a half price sale at the moment so I picked up this product.

This is Body Focus Cellulite Serum, and was luckily reduced by 50% or I wouldn't have bought it. This can be used in conjunction with my new Cellulite Massager and "Visibly improves the appearance and texture of dimpled skin".

I will be using these products from now until I go on holiday and will definitely keep you posted on how the brushes and serum work :)

Has anyone else used any Cellulite Treatments that have worked?



  1. I find that regular moisturisers massaged into the skin well do the trick.


  2. Im looking forward to seeing how you get on with this! I have bad cellulite too and my legs are the bain of my life...i almost hate summer coming purely for the reason that i hate getting my legs out or sweltering in leggings.Boo to Cellulite but good luck with the brushing - cant wait to see if you notice a difference!x

  3. Im so jealous of you being able to jet away! Take me with youuu lol
    I can't say i have ever found anything to bust cellulite. I am a size 6 & i have cellulite..its so annoying. I have horrible stretch marks on my hips too. I have heard good things about body brushing but i just havent ever done it long enough to see results. Im lazy :) xxx

  4. why don't you try dazzledust25's beauty tip- some sort of green tea from Holland and Barrett, it's on her blog and latest video x oh and stay away from sparkling water too :-)

  5. If it works, I will buy it and use it everyday...I am so painfully self concious of my legs, I never wear anything that comes above the knee...summer is a nightmare, so please let us know who you get on :) xxx

  6. I have the Bodyshop brush and I actually can't use it it hurts me so much! I'm such a wimp :D xxxx

  7. Lol, that body brush reminds me of a girl at my gym. I swear every time I go in the changing room shes in her bikini 'brushing' her thighs and looking in the mirror.
    I got a Brazil nut body scrub from the body shop today. It smells amazing.
    I was using it earlier in the shower trying to scrub off last week's fake tan patches,lol.

  8. Use your anti-cellulite lotions daily, and exfoliate at every shower you take.
    I use a Korres soap for that, it's the Guarana anti cellulite one, I swear by it.
    It's in a cube-box, if you have Korres near you, pick it up, it's relatively cheap!

    Also, water and exercise help, but you're on to that already...;)

    I 'm sure it will improve girl! I 've had a more intense problem in the past, but now, I use special lotions all year long, I 've found that it helps!

    Don't stress about it, when you 're at the beach you 'll get a tan, so it won't be much obvious anyways! xoxoxo

  9. I always buy things like this and then they gather dust! Let us know how you get on! :) x

  10. i love dry brushing! it's a bit addictive though, and definitely isn't as rough feeling as the first time, after a while...

    don't worry too much about the cellulite. i know we all do, but i've heard a handful of guys tell me that they think it's sexy on a woman. i know for most of us women that's a bit off sounding, but i kid you not!

    have a great trip!

  11. Dont sweat it babe-we all have it, slap on the fake tan and drink plenty of water and green tea.

    I nominated you today so check out my blog :) xxx


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