Monday, 29 June 2009

I have no Self Control.....

Yes thats right...No Self Control... AT ALL.

So as I harmlessly perused the aisles of Superdrug today in search of Nivea Young Skin Tinted Moisturiser, A couple of other things just "slipped" into my basket :) Obviously I had to share them with you! I will do full reviews as soon as I have had chance to use them properly.

So first things first, The Nivea Young Tinted Moisturiser, This is an Oil Free Formula which is really important for me and is basically what it says it is, a tinted moisturiser, I have tested it and so far I have to say it pretty much offers zero coverage but does add colour to the skin. I got it in shade Natural. I am going to wear it to work tomorrow so will get a true idea of what it is really like.

This is what it looks like...

I really really want to buy Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser, but at £35 I just can not justify it. If there is anyone out there and owns this in Nude and would be willing to send me a small sample, I would be willing to send payment for postage via paypal. Its just I dont want to buy some and hate it, and there isnt a Laura Mercier counter remotely near me so I will have to order online. If there is anyone out there please leave a comment below or email me at

Next was something I have been lusting after for a LONG time. I first saw it on DressJunkies blog but have for some reason never been able to shell out over £6 on a nail polish (I know call me a tight arse lol). Today I finally took the plunge and bought it and it is this bad boy...

Revlons Tropical Temptation, isnt this just gorgeous?? I have seen this on a few other blogs too and everyone seems to love it. I can't wait to try it, and I think its a fab colour to take on holiday with me!

Finally is this GOSH "Touch Up" Concealer in Shade 2. Zoe at Zoella absolutely loves this concealer so I had to give it a try. I am still suffering with awful under eye circles so fingers crossed this will help disguise them.

I will keep you posted on how I get on with these products, but on another note ( feel a rant coming on) Why the Hell do Superdrug feel the need to literally abuse the packaging of make up products with these God Awful Security Labels?? You girls know exactly what I'm talking about, just look at the state of my new concealer.

And then I tried to remove it this is what happened... Yes that "wirey" thing is what's left of the label!

I'm now left with a sticky residue all over the lid of the concealer which is just gross, and this has happened quite a few times before with these damn security labels.

Superdrug.. You need to Sort it Out!!!




  1. i really really want to try the LM tinted moisturiser too. it must be amazing for £35!! There's a counter in Leeds at Space.NK. xx

  2. Oh god..i HATE the security tags. Although the boots near me is actually quite good and they dont go overboard & tag everything. Get some oil on that and give it a good scrub. :) xxxx

  3. Yay for tropical temptation, STILL loving mine :)
    I absolutely hate those tags too, Boots ones are just as bad, it makes it near impossible to buy gifts for people from either store as it always makes the product look so shabby once you remove it. xxxx

  4. i have the oil free tm, i can send it to you, its in the colour sand though? i got mine from with free shipping and it works out cheaper if you change the currency to dollar. i love tropical temptation and the gosh concealer- amazing for brightening undereyes :)

  5. I hate superdrug for their security tags! & it annoys me that they don't always use something to stop people opening up products that other ppl buy and using them, if you get what I mean!

  6. My superdrug doesn't have those tags... weird. But the staff in superdrug are super super rude!
    They're horrible in boots too, but in superdrug they just get nasty if you ask them a question.
    I have the laura mercier tinted moisturiser and... to be honest it's not that great! It's got hardly any coverage and their colour rage is all incredibly orange. I think the nivea one colour wise actually looks a whole lot better! looking forward to a review on the GOSH concealer!!
    I'm glad you have no self control! :) x

  7. That concealer is amazing, its my hg concealer! xx

  8. Let us know how you get on with the Nivea Tinted Moisturiser, because when I bought it, it was way to dark for me but that might just be because I'm pale haa :)

  9. I have the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser but mine is in Fawn. It really is brilliant it gives great coverage and gives a nice colour too. Its hard to describe but it just makes me look healthy without being caked in makeup. I just apply it and then a dusting of mac msf natural and that's it face done!!
    I have gone through mine really quickly though as I use it every day, I may pick up the nivea to use and save the lm as it is v expensive. If you want a sample of the fawn just let me know. Will be dying to hear how you get on with the nivea, keep us posted x

  10. I haven't seen that tinted moisturiser before, it looks good x

  11. yeh not great coverage but does even out skintone, just for good skin days i think!!love the GOSH concealer too, got the green one the other day gr8 for getting rid of red!xx

  12. Where is cute cute bracelet from? Is it Disney Couture? x

  13. Tut tut tut! After all our freebies you go and buy more! lol good choices tho, love that nail colour! x

  14. u need to get a lancome hydra zen teinte sample in 3! I gave one to my sister and she just texted me to say shes had a million compliments at work today with it on!! xx

  15. What a pain those security tags are. They do it in Boots sometimes with the No7 stuff. It's really annoying.
    Nice post
    by the way, my blog has moved. My old one was playing up so I've had to start a new one.
    Pop by if you get a minute.


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