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The Body Shop - Body Butters - A Review

So I thought the best way to start my Body Shop Review Series was to start with a product I have used and loved for many years. I hinted at this in my last post, so I thought I would kick off with this.
I assume that you have all heard of The Body Shop Body Butters, they have gained quite a reputation for being some of the best body butters available, but for those of you who have not here is a photo and quick outline of what they are.

The Body Shop Body Butters are basically a moisturiser but in a much richer form, providing maximum moisturisation for the skin. The range of different scents/fragrances is astounding with something for everyone in my opinion. The Body Shop also offer matching Exfoliating Scrubs and Shower Gels in the matching fragrance which is also really nice.

So The Body Butters I have in varying sizes are, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Shea Butter, Coconut, Cocoa Butter and Mango. As I have said previously I have used these Butters for several years, since I was around 13 years old when my Mum first introduced me to The Body Shop Products. The first one I ever owned was Coconut and I absolutely Loved it, and I love it just as much today nearly 10 years later.

I have to say the formulation of these body butters does vary. For example The Shea Butter is quite "hard" in texture whereas the Cherry and Strawberry ones are more of a traditional liquid moisturiser texture to them.

Strawberry on the Left Shea Butter on the Right

By hard i mean they are more "solid" rather than liquid, I'm sure those of you who have used these butters before know exactly what I mean.

The thing I like about these butters is that they provide intense moisturisation, and really do help eliminate dry skin. They leave the skin feeling lovely and soft.
However I have found that after application the butter does not "sink in" straight away, Leaving a kind of film on the skin. Within 30 minutes or so it has totally sunk in and leaves the skin feeling gorgeous. So bear this in mind if you are applying it just before you go out on the town after a shower, You dont want to feel all slimey when someone brushes past you lol :)

Another tip I would like to share is that these butters are excellent for the nails. I like to apply a small amount to my cuticles and rub it in, I find it really helps them and leaves them looking lovely!

I absolutely love these Body Butters and I know I'm not alone in this notion! They come in a range of sizes starting from £4.85 for a smaller tub and £12.20 for a large tub. So if you havn't already tried these butters i urge you to do so :) You wont be disappointed!

Oh and by the way my favourite is Strawberry :D I love it!



  1. I too love the body butters! I have a fair few: Aloe, Shea, Papaya, Cocoa, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate. Some of them are the large and some the smaller versions.

  2. i love body butters altho some scents bring my legs out in a rash which is a shame! most are fine tho xx

  3. I have the driest skin, espec after shaving my legs. I used the Shea today :) Also love the coconut one but I'm all out. Must hint heavily to Matt when he gets back xo

  4. I never knew they came in smaller sizes or I'm sure I would have bought one by now! I'll have to look this week.


  5. I am quite new to the Body Butters, I did use them years ago, but not religiously and now I've started using them again I've no idea why I stopped! I have a large Cocoa Butter, and mini Shea and mini Mango...the mango one sits by my bed and I apply it before I go to sleep, it's such a gorgeous scent, and they REALLY do moisturise :) Fabby review xxx

  6. I'm a big fan of the body butters too. My fave was a limited edition though and I ran out ages ago.

  7. Ohh my gawd i lovee these things. I was also around 13 when i got my first one. My fave one is coconut but also i want to get my hands on the new Japanese cherry blossom one because that smells GORGEOUS.Fab review lovely xxx

  8. i´m also a big fan of the body butters. I use it for my legs. My favorite is olive!

  9. I think their Body butters are better than the body lotions, skin feels much softer afterwards, I dunno if it's just me....

    Ran out of mango, now use strawberry (bf seems to like it heehee) and want to get coconut...! ;)

    Great review! xx

  10. I've only tried the Cocoa Butter and I well & truly love the stuff! Will defo. be going back and sniffing the others & buying more! Brilliant review :) x

  11. HI Kelly
    I'm just wondering how long does a large tub last for u... I'm a huge fan of body butters but I run up one large tub in a week which makes these stuff quite pricey for me...

  12. I was bought one of these for my birthday (June 14). Can't wait to try it.
    It was one of the cherry ones xx


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