Saturday, 23 May 2009

Clinique Perfectly Real Make Up: A Review

So last week I purchased this foundation on a bit of a whim, it wasn't a planned purchase I just randomly picked it up whilst out shopping.
I have used several products by Clinique in the past including various foundations, and have only truly liked one or two products in the history of buying Clinique products.

Now i have to tell you I keep trying to like Clinique Products but to be honest, they just don't do it for me.

Here is what Clinique say about the Perfectly Real Make Up:
"Uses micro-pigment technology, so it blends with skins varying undertones, neutralizes imperfections. Looks real yet flawless."

First and foremost upon asking the Make Up Artist to colour match me she used a very strong yellow undertoned colour which was absolutely no where near my skin colour. I immediately told her this and she proceeded to put a more pink based tone on me (Shade 28).
I also originally didn't want Perfectly Real foundation, i wanted to try the Super Balance, but as you all know Make Up Artists seem to have this way of talking you into buying a certain product, even though you didn't want that one in the first place.

I applied this product to go to the Girls Aloud Concert last week and I have to admit on first application the foundation looked wonderful, it provided great coverage and hid almost all of my blemishes.
However within a couple of hours the foundation literally seemed to have disappeared.
Even taking into consideration that i have oily skin, this foundation is oil free so should not have literally melted off of my face.

I thought i should give the foundation another chance and wore it out on my first night in London when Arlene (DressJunkie) and I went out for a meal. I applied my make up before i went out and was only out for a few hours tops. When i returned to the hotel and removed my make up with a wipe there was very little foundation on the wipe, proving what i first thought, the longevity of this foundation is abysmal.
I am once again left feeling very disappointed after spending nearly £20 on a foundation for it to not do what it says it should do. This seems to be the case with several of the Clinique Skin Care Products and Cosmetics Range that i have tried. The only exceptions have been the Illuminating Concealer and a Blush, which i really like and would repurchase.

I will be selling this foundation and not be repurchasing from Clinique, i have become disheartened with the brand and I'm no longer willing to take the continual poor advice from the various counters i have been to.

I know a lot of people love Clinique but personally, they do very little for me.

What has been your experience with Clinique Foundations?




  1. Oh noo, I can't say i've ever been drawn to a clinique foundation. I've used the concealer pen and it was good but i've never really heard much good feedback on the foundations. There's nothing worse than getting your hopes up on a product for it to be a complete let down! :( You look stuuunning in your side pic btw Kel! ---->

  2. Such a pity it didn't work out for you I can't say I'm a clinique girl either! I hate spending the money on something that just doesn't work so annoying!!

  3. I've never used clinique foundations but their dramatically moisturizing lotion did nothing for me!

    Did you try the foundation with a primer underneath? Or try setting it with powder?

    Such a shame it didn't work for you, I would be bummed too!

    I personally love their lip products and eye shadows, i bought a couple more lip products when they had the HOF GWP! I love the freebies and the bag!

  4. I've just written a blog post on Clinique products- they can be so hit and miss! I tried one of their foundations (Superbalanced maybe?), but it was the same, looked good to start and then sort of slid off in quite an unattractive manner! This was way before I had heard of a primer though- the poster above is right, maybe that might help? GOSH has one that I really want to try out :)

  5. I must admit that i do love their skin care, although i tried one of their foundations about 18 months ago, and i hated it, after not using it for about a month, it settled and so all that came out was a brownish watery liquid. Hate it! xo

  6. aww thats such a shame that it didnt work out for you. its particularly disheartening and frustrating when you spend a lot of money on a product that doesn't work, its certainly not as painful if it was at a reasonable price.
    the SA should have let you try the superbalance!! i have repurchased that twice now and i love it. it has such a great silky texture and feels weightless on the skin and also lasts the distance.
    if you ever change your mind about clinique i recommend you try that one and ignore what the SA says! :P
    hope your weightloss is going well. i showed my mum a couple vids on youtube and she was very impressed and interested to follow you on your journey and listen to your advice.
    all the best, Tracy (jetprincess)

  7. Haven’t tried any foundation from Clinique yet, I think I might give it a try next week.
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines


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