Sunday, 5 April 2009

WeightWatcher Weigh In Week 3.

So for everyone who hasn't watched my recently uploaded YouTube video i weighed in this morning and ive lost a pound YAY!
My new weight is 10 stones or 140lbs and my weight loss since rejoining WW is 3.5lbs.
This is fantastic and I'm really pleased abut this. As i said in my video because i have lost a lot of weight and don't have much left to lose, it is only realistic for me to aim between losing 1-2lbs a week. When you weigh a lot the weight falls off pretty quickly and in larger chunks, this is due to the fact you have more to lose and the initial diet is a shock to the body's system sparking large weight loss. Once the body is used to the diet and has less weight to lose, it begins to adapt to the diet and the weight loss slows down. With regard to WeightWatchers, the way to keep the weight loss going is to reduce the number of points you consume each day by 1 every time you pass through a stone barrier. So when I go below 10 stones i will reduce my daily points allowance from 19 to 18. When i first started my WeightWatcher Journey almost 2years ago my daily points allowance was 22! This shows how far i have come since then weighing in at nearly 13 stones or 182lbs!
So overall im really happy and im hping to break through the 10 stone barrier next week :)
Heres to another positive weigh in next week :D


  1. Congrats! you are doing soooo unbelieveably well! wish i had the will power!xxx

  2. Ohh congratulations, that is fantastic! You look gorgeous (not at all like you need to lose weight) but well done! I was a WW memeber a few years back and I loved it, I still use the cookbooks and point books, it's just so easy to follow! Love your blog, I've just added myself as a follower : )

  3. Keep up the good work chick! You will reach your goal soon! xoxoxo <333

  4. Well done! :] you've come along this far and thats such a lovely feeling! I'm starting to do my WW again from tomo, just needed a kick up the bum! Well done once again! xxxx

  5. You're doing incredibly chick, get picking out that bikini!!!! You're gonna have a beach babe body xxx

  6. Oh wow that IS crazy!!! Even a little spooky (cue Twilight Zone music... haha) Thankyou so much for your comment, you are so sweet!!! Hope your having a fabulous week so far!
    Take Care : )

  7. Well done!

    Weight Watchers great and healthy way to lose and maintain your weightloss (Maintaining is harder though - pain in the arse!) and i'm impressed with your attitude towards weightloss.

    Now I need to take the same attitude that it's not going to just fall off like that *clicks fingers* at the last half stone.


  8. Congrats on the loss!

    However from what i can tell by your pics and the weight on your face you look amazing anyway.

  9. I hope you do not mind but I have mentioned you on my latest blog post.

  10. congratulations! I too am trying to lose weight. Still needing lots of motivation, since I always seem to be putting things off. But its inspiring to see someone doing well on their weight loss! =]


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