Friday, 10 April 2009


Today whilst in Asda doing the Weekly "Big" Shop i picked up a couple of items from Rimmel. I think Rimmel is an affordable brand that sometimes get it right, and sometimes get it wrong. Like the Natural Bronzer is my Holy grail bronzer as said before, but the waterproof liners i picked up a few weeks ago were pants!
So today i picked up a Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush 006, and the Lasting Finish Foundation in Shade 201 Classic Beige.
The foundation was on offer at £3 so i thought at that price it was worth a try. The Lipstick was just under £6 and i absolutely loved the colour.
I will test the foundation tomorrow and let you know what i think of it, but so far the colour looks nice, quite pink undertoned which will be great for my NW skin, and the consistency feels lovely.

Also for those who dont know, my Blogsale starts tomorrow at 8am and will run for 48 hours until Mon 13th April 09.


  1. I almost bought this lipstick today!! It used to be called Pink Champagne. I was so tempted! Gorgeous colour x

  2. i bought that foundation the other day in asda i like the colour but I found it too thick and looked cakey - i was in a hurry and think I may have applied it to thickly. I had to take it off straight away....I hate it when that happens...i will try it again though. Be interested to know what you think xx :)

  3. Look forward to the foundation review! xxx

  4. i call it a big shop too lol. i used to wear this foundation all the time and have one that is 90% full so if you like it ill send it to you as i dont use it anymore xxx

  5. Oh this lipstick is so pretty!!! You are right about Rimmel, you can never tell with some of their products, but some of them are fantastic! I have tried their foundation but unfortunatley it was not for me, it was too oily, but I hope this one works for you : )

  6. I tagged you in my recent post :) x

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