Friday, 10 April 2009


Today whilst in Asda doing the Weekly "Big" Shop i picked up a couple of items from Rimmel. I think Rimmel is an affordable brand that sometimes get it right, and sometimes get it wrong. Like the Natural Bronzer is my Holy grail bronzer as said before, but the waterproof liners i picked up a few weeks ago were pants!
So today i picked up a Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush 006, and the Lasting Finish Foundation in Shade 201 Classic Beige.
The foundation was on offer at £3 so i thought at that price it was worth a try. The Lipstick was just under £6 and i absolutely loved the colour.
I will test the foundation tomorrow and let you know what i think of it, but so far the colour looks nice, quite pink undertoned which will be great for my NW skin, and the consistency feels lovely.

Also for those who dont know, my Blogsale starts tomorrow at 8am and will run for 48 hours until Mon 13th April 09.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Credit Cards - Rant

I always said i wouldn't get a Credit Card... Until i was 18 and old enough to be offered a Credit Card.

It's all fabulous at first when you've got interest free spending for the first three months. Then after that you continue to use it not realising that the free interest period is over and that you are now being charged an extortionate amount of interest each month.

To get to the point i hocked my Credit Card up to the eyeballs, paying the minimum payment each month. However the amount i owed on the credit balance never really went down significantly, as the minimum payment i made only really covered the amount of interest i was being charged. So one month i forgot to pay on time and they demanded a ridiculous amount (around £69) for one payment. I paid it and then the following month i paid off a lump of around £500. I vowed i wouldn't spend anymore on it and just continue to clear the balance. Cue the Mac Hello Kitty Collection and that promise went right out of the window. Amongst other things i've basically ran up the balance again.

So today a minimum payment was due and i totally forgot to pay it. I realised at about 7 pm and immediately rang the said Bank/Credit Card Company. I explained i wanted to make a payment but it was too late to go to a branch as they are closed. I was informed by what i can only describe as a complete Moron that they would not accept payment over the phone. I therefore couldn't make a payment and was told i will receive a charge even though i was willing to pay but unable to get into the branch tomorrow.
I ended up putting the phone down on the woman, which i rarely do but i just feel it is such a disgrace.
It is evident that the reason they wont accept payments over the phone is purely so they can charge people like me. Its disgusting!

I will be lodging a letter of complaint, and i have already allocated £500 of my student loan at the end of this month to pay off of the card. I am also going to be chopping up the credit card.
The moral of this is do not get a credit card unless you are fully prepared for the extortionate interest rates, ridiculous policies, and temptation of spending money that isn't yours.
Sorry for the rant everyone but i really needed to get this off of my chest and warn you all what these companies really are like.

Clynol Powder Punch

So the lovely PR Peeps for Clynol sent me a sample of the new Play With Me Powder Punch Texturising Powder. The full review of this product can be found on my Youtube Channel - kelanjo19


This product really does gave volume and style without the need for backcombing. However it doesnt transform into liquid format, and after testing it throughout the day it does need scrunching a little when it begins to go a tad flat.


I really like this product, it is good value priced at £10.60 for a large tin, and available online and in selected salons. Check out the Clynol Website for more info!
Any Questions please ask!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

WeightWatcher Weigh In Week 3.

So for everyone who hasn't watched my recently uploaded YouTube video i weighed in this morning and ive lost a pound YAY!
My new weight is 10 stones or 140lbs and my weight loss since rejoining WW is 3.5lbs.
This is fantastic and I'm really pleased abut this. As i said in my video because i have lost a lot of weight and don't have much left to lose, it is only realistic for me to aim between losing 1-2lbs a week. When you weigh a lot the weight falls off pretty quickly and in larger chunks, this is due to the fact you have more to lose and the initial diet is a shock to the body's system sparking large weight loss. Once the body is used to the diet and has less weight to lose, it begins to adapt to the diet and the weight loss slows down. With regard to WeightWatchers, the way to keep the weight loss going is to reduce the number of points you consume each day by 1 every time you pass through a stone barrier. So when I go below 10 stones i will reduce my daily points allowance from 19 to 18. When i first started my WeightWatcher Journey almost 2years ago my daily points allowance was 22! This shows how far i have come since then weighing in at nearly 13 stones or 182lbs!
So overall im really happy and im hping to break through the 10 stone barrier next week :)
Heres to another positive weigh in next week :D

Friday, 3 April 2009

Outfit of the Day

So this was inspired by the lovely Kerry, and also the fact that today i bought myself a new outfit!! YAY!
Please excuse the pose, my mother forced me to do it lol!
I love this outfit, its amazing as you lose weight you can wear clothes you would have once never considered. I can assure you this is an amazing feeling!
So believe it or not this entire ensemble is from New Look. I go through phases with New Look sometimes i love it others i hate it. Well it is back on form and i'm currently loving it!
So we have a grey leopard print over sized vest coming in at £16, some cropped leggings with lace detailing at the bottom for £7, and the Nautical Grey and Navy Cardigan for £22! Plus i received student discount so i got 10% off of everything!
I also layered a plain strappy top from Primark underneath the vest and the White Pumps are from H&M.
I really like this! Let me know what you think!!
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