Saturday, 28 March 2009

WeightWatcher Weigh In Week 2

Hey Everyone!
So i went to my weigh in this morning and ive lost 2.5lbs YAY!! Im really pleased with this considering how ill i have been over the past week. To be honest i havnt 100% stuck to the plan because i have been so ill i just havnt had the energy to focus on anything so to have a 2.5lb loss is amazing :D
This brings my new weight to 10 stone 1 lb. Weightwatchers rocks!!
I will be making a YouTube Vid to coincide with this blogpost aswell. Heres to another good week next week :)


  1. Congratulations! :) After your hard week you deserve this. x

  2. Excellent work bird! xxxxxxx

  3. Well done that's a great loss x

  4. Well done! You deserve it for having such an awful week with your toothache etc! xxx


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