Monday, 2 March 2009

Weight Gain :/

So i have well and truly fallen off the wagon... I weighed in this morning at 10 stone. This is a gain of 3lbs. Now this may not seem like much but let me explain further. My lowest ever weight was 9 stone 11lbs. This was just over a month ago. Since then i have gained lost and generally stayed the same weight. I know in myself I haven't been sticking with the program and telling myself everyday that "I will start again tomorrow".
I'm my own worst enemy. For some reason I can not help but to snack especially in the evening and I know what I'm doing but I just cant seem to help myself. I think I'm becoming jaded with the entire diet scenario. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I have been dieting for well over a year now...
I have tried almost every diet and weight loss method you can imagine over the past 2 years and I am considering doing a series of blogs about the different diet methods I have tried - Believe me there is a lot.
I just need to get my arse into gear and stop munching out in an evening.
It doesn't help with the fact that i recalculated my WeightWatchers Points allowance last week and it came out at 17 points a day. Now I'm sorry but I don't know how I am suppose to survive on that amount when I have to deduct my milk allowance off of it which is 2 points taking it to 15 points a day!?!?
When I first started WeightWatchers I was allowed 22 points a day and I think part of the problem is that I have still been eating around 22 points a day hence the weight maintainance rather than weight loss.
Any tips and support would be really appreciated, I will continue to update weekly weigh ins and let you know how I'm getting on with my weight loss journey :D


  1. I'm a size 8 and never do any exercise, so I must stay skinny through my diet, so thought I'd tell you it! It's rather unhealthy though so prob not the best advice! During the day I eat about 2-3 packets of crisps (usually monster munch or nik naks) a few Kit Kats, and maybe a roll for lunch if I can be bothered to make it! So I just snack on goodies all day and then eat a proper meal in the evening. I'm not actually on a 'diet' (I'm just incredibly lazy and naughty) but I'm thinking that's probably not a lot of calories! Then I take a multi vitamin and omega 3 capsule. Becaue it's bad to only eat junk food in the day I'm thinking maybe I'll start eating cereal or instant pasta instead! I never really watch my weight, I judge more by my waist size. It was 28" over Christmas but it's now back down to 26" and that's how I tell if I need to stop eating crap, whether it increases or not! But I have to say, you look amazing in your pics! xx

  2. You're being waaaay too hard on yourself chum. This is just a plateau, you've had these before along the way right? 10 stone is still slim, I saw you in that video goofing about on YouTube and you look gorgeous. You're so far from being overweight anymore bird. I think the problem (IMO) is no matter what weight we lose ultimately in our heads we still feel like the fat person we were? You need a reality check, you're in no dnager of being fat again Kel. Whats wrong with just maintaining your weight as you are and then trying for more loss in another month or two? You're putting too much pressure on yourself, you are, nobody else is pressuring you to keep losing weight, are they? xxx

  3. You sound a bit burnt out, and exasperated at now having an almost impossible goal of 17 points. Have you kept a record of the past year and how you've done? Look back through it - remind yourself just how far you've come/what you've acheived already. You'll get back into it in time - you've got a lot vying for your attention and energy right now, so be gentle with yourself. *hugs*

  4. You are so beautiful...I know that you probably heard this a million times to not diet and etc...but it's true. Think of making life a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself. Eat what you like but moderately; exercise consistently. I used to be conscious ab my weight even though I was never overweight but since the last two years I began to adopt a more active lifestyle; just to include nature and gym to my life as something that I enjoy...and I love it. I have my off days which is okay. I have lost and toned up so much; I finally feel truly happy with my body. I don't have a six pack nor am I supermodel thin. I am slim and strong.

    Besides more than diet, you achieve your healthy happy weight by building your physical strength. The stronger and more conditioned your body, the more you are active and be okay to eat what you want.

    the more you spend stressing about dieting, the longer it will take you to lose the weight you desire. Think that you want to be healthy and strong...hire a good and positive trainer for a short period and you'll see how you will feel so much better about yourself and your body.

  5. Hiya,
    I’m on weight watchers at the moment and I seem to weigh the same as we have around the same amount of points..This story is sounding like me so much! I have let myself go and it’s so annoying...I’ve just written a part on my blog that says about my cravings lol. I know I’m a bit late on the response to this but have a break if you feel that’s what’s best and even if you do put on a little bit of weight it could give you the encouragement to try again and lose it. I’ve just started looking at your blog and you look fab but I know that weight loss is due to how you feel I know this may sound personal but I honestly know how you’re feeling.
    Best of luck
    Vicki x

  6. Im naturally skinny and hate it. I would kill for there to be a difference in my hips and waist like a proper woman. Isnt it funny how we always seem to want what we arent at that moment.

    For example.. i want wavy hair!!! :(


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